Traveling to London? Places to add to your bucket list

London, one of the places that are most visited by people all around the world. It is the capital of the United Kingdom and is one of the best places you can actually visit in the whole of Europe. The best structures from the Roman Times and the beautiful places that can make you go awestruck only with the single sight, and also the best and magnificent museums, London actually has it all. Your name and you get in the city of London.

There are many places that you should actually add to your bucket list while you are traveling to London and that actually includes restaurants as well. With the best universities in the world, London has been and will always be the best place to visit in the whole United Kingdom. Hence, here are some of the great places that you must visit while you are traveling to the city of London.


Royal Observatory

This place is overlooking the River Thames and is the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, and is also the famous location of the prime meridian. It includes the planetarium and the astronomy center, and you can view the astronomy exhibitions, and moreover, you can go on a space safari tour as well. When you visit this place, you can actually learn about the International Space station and space missions as well. Also, when it comes to visiting this place, you can actually watch interactive shows about life beyond the planet, and also, learn the history of time and astronomy and take a guided tour of the observatory.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace stands tall in London as a characteristic of eminence and the home to the British Monarch. The royal residence is encircled by wonderful gardens and forms and is an unquestionable requirement visit. A customary service predominant since the 1800s happens in the yard of the castle apparent from outside – The Change of Guards. It is a brilliant showcase of military groups and British pomp. The service goes on around 45 minutes and ordinarily happens every day at 11:30 from April until the finish of July and on substitute days for the remainder of the year. You can likewise book a visit to explore the Rooms inside Buckingham Palace.


Natural History Museum

Normal History exhibition hall in London is an absolute visit for enormous presentations of curios and examples identified with the fields of organic science, entomology, mineralogy, fossil science, zoology, topography, and scientific categorization. The most striking example here is the skeletal of dinosaurs which rule the focal lobby. The historical center is partitioned into four zones: Red, Green, Blue, and Orange. The Red zone contains the earth lab, the earth’s depository, vision of Earth, and show of volcanoes and seismic tremors. The Green zone harbors biology with showcases of birds, fossil reptiles, minerals, and valuable stones in The Vault. The Blue Zone has presentations of vertebrates, dinosaurs, Human Biology, and Marine Life.


Tower of London

The Tower of London is additionally called the Her Majesty’s royal residence and the fort is a significant milestone of London and is home to British ordnance, depository, the Royal Mint, and the home of the Crown Jewels of England. The well-known Kohinoor jewel is additionally at this pinnacle making it a significant spot to visit in London. This palace was utilized as a jail, an illustrious home, and a public office record. The fundamental attractions inside the pinnacle are The Crown Jewels, Yeoman Warder visits, The White Tower, Ravens, and Fortress. The pinnacle is open on Tuesday – Saturday from 9.00-17.30 and Sunday and Monday from 10.00-17.30. The affirmation expense is 25 pounds for grown-ups and 12 pounds for youngsters as long as 15 years.


National Art gallery

For art devotees, the National Art Gallery at the Trafalgar Square is an absolute necessity spot to visit in London. There are north of 2300 compositions dating from the mid-thirteenth century. It is one of the most visited art-historical centers on the planet. It has showcased compositions by Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Merisi da Caravaggio, and Johannes Vermeer. There is a cafeteria and mall on the display as well. The Gallery is additionally a well-known film area. It is highlighted in the most recent James Bond film “Skyfall” including Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw. The admission to the exhibition hall is free day by day from 10 am–6 pm and from 10 am–9 pm on Fridays.

Hence, these were some of the great places that you can visit in London for the first time. These are the perfect places for you to visit.

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