Visit these small towns in America

Whenever people plan a vacation they tend to look for famous places where they can enjoy their vacations. They tend to look for famous tourist attraction places and places that are known to everyone. What about the small towns and places that are not famous and known to the travelers. Each and every place has something to offer its visitors and you can easily find something to do at both any famous as well as not known small towns.

Here is a list of small towns in America you can plan your vacations at. These are small simple towns where you can relax and enjoy a soothing vacation alone, with friends, or with family.

Cooperstown, New York

Are you a baseball fan? If yes, then this place has a baseball hall of fame and museum for you to visit here. This is an ideal place for baseball lovers to visit the hall of fame and the museum and spend some time there admiring the museum. This is such a cute, sweet, little town with small cafes and shops that look and are decorated cutely. You can stroll around the town and enjoy the surroundings. For the ones who go out and have vacations for adventure and fun, this place offers you skiing, kayaking, and even camping.

Lindsborg, Kansas

Another small town of America that not many have known about. This can be addressed as a little Sweden. This place is rich and full of Swedish culture. If you wish to learn and experience the Swedish culture and their lifestyle then this is the place to visit. You can plan your day and visit the art gallery and can even explore the dining options here. Get to experience the whole Swedish culture and their lifestyle. Watch their traditional folk dancing festivals and can also look at their folk art. The whole town looks like a little Sweden here in America.

Marfa, Texas

This is a small rural town in America that is an art hub. This place is rich in art and artists around have visited this place and visited the music and art galleries present here. This town has music galleries and art galleries that you can visit and enjoy your time there. You can also visit different restaurants and enjoy delicious meals in this small rural town. Some of the famous movies were shot here too.

Cottage Grove, Oregon

This is a nice small town with plenty of hiking and bicycling areas. This place has a trail with covered bridges where you can spend some time and get close the nature. This is also the place where you can explore the area and get to see amazing waterfalls and several rivers. Watch the water cascade down beautifully. This place has a lot of beautiful resorts where you can relax and enjoy your vacations at. Hike around the area, cycle all you want and watch beautiful waterfalls and rivers, and relax being surrounded by the nature.


Dorset, Vermont

If you are looking for a simple and relaxing vacation then this is the ideal place for you. This small town is quiet and lovely. You can enjoy some beautiful trails and walk around as much as you want. Look at the wonderful maple trees and enjoy nature. You can also go out and have a proper wildlife tour in this town and there is a museum you can spend some time in. This place is a relaxing place to be and to spend some time. Visit this town if you are looking for some relaxation.

Now you know some of the small towns around the USA where you can spend some of your days resting and enjoying your break from the hectic schedule you have. There are several more small towns you can look around and get to know about. If you are planning a trip then look for some small towns to have a peaceful and beautiful vacation. These towns deserve to be on your list of places you wish to travel to along with some famous places that you wish to go to. Plan your trip to one of these places and enjoy your time there.

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