What to explore in Belarus?

The landlocked country, sharing its border with Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland is welcoming tourists. Hearing the name, one might not think of the country as a tourist destination, but we all know that one should never judge something just by rumors or by the outer appearance.

This country is covered with forests, wildlife such as European bison and beautiful countryside. This is also home to numerous castles that date back hundreds of years, standing beautifully telling us about the history of the buildings as well as the country. So why not look at the places you can explore when you visit this European country.


The Chalk Pits

Do you know there is the Maldives in Belarus? This place, commonly known as the Chalk Pits is called ‘Belarusian Maldives’. It got its name due to the stunning water with beautiful mountains that will make you think that you are in the Maldives. This place got its name from the soil or more likely from the chalk that gives the water such an alluring color. The color changes from turquoise to emerald green making it a beautiful location to visit in this country. This place is easily accessible and can be reached by either car or by bus.



How can one miss the capital city? Visit one of the largest squares in the whole of Europe, the 7-hectare public square called the Independence Square. Take a walk and enjoy the fountains and the beautiful dancing lights. This city is famous for its parks and gardens filled with rides and recreation for everyone. Enjoy your vacation and explore the cafes, shops, and events that take place in this city. Visit the museums present here to get to know about the history and culture of this landlocked country.


Nesvizh Castle

World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO; this castle is one of the popular destinations to visit in the country. You are welcomed into the city where the castle exists by a gate called Slutskaya Brama. Tourists visit this place and experience the magnificent architecture with parks and the river. The palace incorporates architecture and décor from all sorts of timelines say it be neo-gothic or classic or renaissance or even modern. You can even get a proper encounter of the Middle Ages by participating in the activities around here. After exploring the castle, try to explore the city itself and get to know about the lifestyle of the locals. 


Braslav Lake Area

This lake area is called the blue necklace of Belarus. This area is famous for its lakes. Having about 300 lakes varying from all aspects say it be depth, area, or even the color of the water. Covered with mountains and greenery all around this place is a good place to have a stroll and enjoy the wildlife here. If you are a fan of seafood then this is the place for you. The Blue necklace has a large variety of fresh seafood you can enjoy while watching birds. 


Naroch National Park

This Park is opened on the shores of the largest lake in the country. A large number of hotels, recreation centers opened for people visiting this lake. If you are looking for a getaway to enjoy solitude then this is the place for you in Belarus. Enjoy the rich flora and fauna with the clear waters of the lake. Give yourself a break and replenish your health at the health resort near the lake. A little reminder to all the fishing lovers, get yourself a ticket before fishing in the lake as it can lead to severe punishment.

This landlocked country was not that well known some few decades back and now if getting recognition. If you are looking for a peaceful, near-to-nature getaway then this is the place for you. Filled with an immensely rich history with exquisite architecture to look at and delicious seafood dishes. Belarus has so many places to visit and learn from. If you are planning on visiting this beautiful country the do visit the places listed above and have a once in a lifetime experience. So don’t think too much, pack your bags and pay a visit to Belarus. 

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