When Is The Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka?

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an all year round holiday destination. It is an island country located in South Asia and is considered a pearl of the Indian Ocean. With its unique cultural and geological features, the toll on tourism has been tremendous on this island state. Sri Lankan artisans have created some of the most breathtaking structures inspired by Buddhism which continue to amaze the world. Talking of weather conditions, the center of the country has balmy weather and other sides are comparatively hotter. The weather is dictated by two key monsoon seasons that alternate between themselves; this makes Sri Lanka an all-year destination as mentioned earlier.

To visit Sri Lanka, an ideal 4 nights and 5 days tour is a must. The best time to visit the west and south coasts and hill country is from December to march, while the best weather on the east coast is from April to September. In all these months, different places can be explored depending on the weather entirely. Sri Lanka is famous for a lot of tourist attractions and cultural events along with handloom fabrics, leather products, and antique jewelry.

October to March- is the best time to visit West and Southern Coastline which includes Chilaw in the west, Galle in the south and the capital Colombo in the south-west. The temperature fairly lies between 27° to 29° year around but if you’re looking forward to visiting the beaches, this is the perfect time. Although a downpour cannot be ruled out, it still promises the best weather for your unforgettable experience. For a fancy dip in the sea, visit between January to march and you might have a chance to spot blue and sperm whales in the calm sea too.

March- is the best time to visit the Central hills of Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, and Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. This mountainous trail is located in the south-central part of Sri Lanka and is a major tourist attraction. The triangular-shaped hilly area reaches over 300m and covers a good 20% of the total area. Because of this elevation, the area remains cool throughout the year and is much cooler than other coastal areas. To just sit back and enjoy the landscape view on one fine pleasant evening, this is the perfect place and time to visit Sri Lanka.

April to September- is the best time to visit Eastern and Northern areas. Since the monsoon season hits heavily in November and goes on till March, the best time to enjoy the pleasant skies is from April to September. A lot of traditional festivals and events are hosted during these months. July marks the beginning of traditional Esala festivals. It marks the commemoration of the first teachings given by Buddha. Dancers, fire-breathers, musicians and lavishly decorated elephants are the highlights of the show. Don’t miss out on the local delicacies of Okra and Banana flower.

October and November- is an inter-monsoonal period with erratic and severe flooding. The occurrence of thunderstorms is not news and unpredictable downpours occur at any location anytime. The bright side of this havoc is that this time of the year is not at all crowded so, you can quietly enjoy the tourist places. The Deepavali festival is also celebrated this time around and you can witness glowing local houses and tradition at its best. Many beautiful events are celebrated by locals thus giving you a full peek in. You can try local cuisines and visit Kandaswamy Kovil which is one of the most admired Hindu temples of Sri Lanka.

Endless beaches, timeless ruins and welcoming people with so much affection make Sri Lanka an irresistible visit.

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