Why you should visit the Northern Territory in Australia

If you are someone who loves adventure and exploring new places then Northern Territory is one of the ideal places for you. Northern Territory provides a huge variety of adventures. From the desert to the coast you can experience a lot of new and exciting things here. From coastal areas to national parks, waterholes, and the old Aboriginal culture. This area is packed with new and exciting things to explore and experience. This is one of the best destinations if you want to enjoy your vacation close to nature and enjoy beautiful landscape and culture.

Look at the activities you can do when visiting this rich and amazing place.

Have an extraordinary experience in Darwin

The capital city of NT, Darwin is a rather a bit slower and chilled-out city as compared to the rest of the capitals in Australia. This place has one of the most adventurous activities that cannot be experienced elsewhere. Here you can swim with crocodiles. This is once in a lifetime experience in itself. You get into a cage that protects you from the crocodiles and then the cage is lowered into the water. You can swim along with some crocodiles and even get photos while doing so. If you are not up for some adventure you can just spend some time watching the sunset at Mindil beach.

Enjoy a visit to Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is all about its greenness. The beautiful flood plains are a beautiful sight to look at. You can enjoy the scenery in front of you or can even make a visit to Ubirr Rock and Cave art where you can experience the ancient Aboriginal art that dates back to BCE. This rock and cave art contains art and history at the same place and you can get to know about this ancient culture. Explore the wild and get to see some wallabies. They are cute little animals that are a bit shy so make sure to be quiet around them to not scare them away.

Dine peacefully at Uluru

Uluru is known for the most iconic natural wonders in Australia. There is this huge rock in Uluru and the area surrounding it is silent and peaceful. You can enjoy a beautiful dinner under the open sky and glittering stars with the peaceful surroundings of Uluru. The backdrop is perfect for a good meal. The open sky with stars scattered around, peaceful atmosphere with stunning red sand all adds to the beauty of the place and makes the meal perfect.

Kayak your way through Katherine Gorge

Kayak your way through the gorgeous Katherine Gorge. This is very beautiful scenery that should not be missed by anyone and should be on the list of must-visit places. Not only does it provide kayaking but also provides you with amazing and beautiful swarms of fruit bats. These are harmful creatures that live on the trees present nearby. You can even get to meet the locals and experience and learn the ancient Aboriginal Culture. Learn from them about their culture and their way of living.

Make a visit to Litchfield National Park

Plan a day and visit the Litchfield national park here. This Park is famous for a lot of things. You can enjoy the trip and relieve yourself from the heat by dipping in the natural waterfalls where cold and freshwater cascades down to the park. There is a famous termite cathedral that is approximately 4m in height. Visit this park and enjoy some time with nature.

Now you know what adventure can you experience when you visit Northern Territory in Australia. This place is full of nature and unique history that makes it one of a kind. You can enjoy the landscapes and the ancient culture of this place and get to know more about this unique and beautiful place. Enjoy a trip to the national park and spend some time with cute animals, or stay late at the beach and enjoy the scenery around. You can meet with the local people residing here and get to know about the ancient aboriginal culture. There is so much you can learn and experience by visiting this wonderful place. Plan your trip to Northern Territory soon.

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