Amsterdam: places to visit and explore

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is an amazing place and a famous one among travelers. People from across the globe visit this beautiful city. This city is decorated with stunning historic homes, ancient buildings, academies and universities, and such beautiful nature. Amsterdam has thousands of buildings that are a couple of hundred years old and which help you understand history and heritage. Apart from them, theatres and venues are making this city the cultural center of the Netherlands. This is a stunning city to visit and have a nice vacation in. There are so many historic places and so many new amazing things that you can explore and experience when you are in Amsterdam.

Look at the best places you can discover and explore when you are in Amsterdam.
1: Visiting Anne Frank’s house

Anne Frank needs no introduction. You can visit the place she stayed during world war 2 and where she wrote her diary which then became a bestseller worldwide. This house is the actual house where she and her family hid during the war. Most of this house is the same as it was at the time Anne Frank was staying here, providing the visitor with a fragment of history. But be careful, you might need to buy the tickets way before the trip.
2: Spending some time at Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is the national museum and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Plan a whole day and visit this museum form of art and artifacts. This museum has some rare antiques which you should see with thousands of paintings, handicrafts, sculptures, and even modern art. This museum has artifacts from some hundred years ago and even some modern art. You get to know more about the culture and history of the Netherlands. You can even get an English tour to help you.
3: Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is known to all. If you are a fan of art and painting you should visit this museum. This museum is dedicated to his artworks, his life, and everything about him this museum has hundreds of his paintings along with his realistic works and so many more things. This is an ideal place to visit if you are a fan of painting and art or if you like his artworks. You can also get to look at the painter’s life through a multimedia presentation that tells the visitors about the painter’s life and time.
4: Picnic at Vondelpark

When you are in Amsterdam, you have to visit this park and have a nice picnic here. This is the largest park in Amsterdam and is spread across more than hundreds of acres. Not only does this park has a lot of greenery and nature but this park also has a beautiful pond and also has a rose garden with a huge variety of flowers. There are statues and playgrounds in the park as well. You can also visit the open theatre that is the venue for many music events in summer.
5: Touring the Royal Palace

This palace was the residence of the king whenever he was in this city. This Royal Palace is mesmerizing. The Palace was built keeping in mind the classical roman architecture. The building from the outside is inspired by ancient Rome and the interior is decorated with jewels and lavish items. This building has a stunning furniture collection. You can get an English guide and can also get an audiobook to make your tour around the palace effortless and exciting. It helps you to understand things easily.

There is so much to explore and do in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the cities that you can visit in the country. There are so many other cities that you can visit when you are in the country. Get to know about all the different cities in the Netherlands and then plan your trip accordingly. Explore Amsterdam on foot and have a nice time exploring this city. Visit other cities in Netherland and enjoy your time here. Wait no more and plan your trip to Netherlands as soon as possible and have a great time here.

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