Avignon, France – World’s best cruise destination (2019)

First of all we congratulate Avignon for winning the title of “most popular cruise destination in 2019” during the Cruise Critics 4th Edition of Cruisers choice destination awards. The award is given on the basis of various ratings & genuine reviews by cruisers highlighting 18 regions around the world.

Avignon is followed by Bora Bora, Glacier Bay (Alaska), Vienna (Austria) & Singapore at top 5 places.

Avignon is UNESCO’s World heritage site for its architectural legacy along with Pont d’Avignon & Palace of the Popes which is the biggest Gothic palace in the world.

Collin McDaniel, Editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic said as follow in his statement, “Most travelers decide the place beforehand prior to thinking the cruise planning course of action & for all those looking for some pinnacle cruise destinations, the best way is to shorten your options by seeing the rating and reviews of cruisers who have already been there”.

Avignon is a famous tourist place in itself also. One can start his journey on Jardin Des Doms, a beautiful park enthralled with picturesque views with lush green grasses and lots of benches. The walk to the top is worth it with clean panoramic views of the city that will stun you.

Another beautiful place is Avignon Cathedral with stunning sculptures dating back to 12th century with beautiful Virgin Mary sculptures & the seat to Archbishop to Avignon’s Cathedral. There are various interactive & guiding tools like Headphones or the modern interactive tablets. A small chapel of Benedict XII is very beautiful. Musée Du Petit Palais is a beautiful museum showing arts from Italian pre medieval & renaissance time. The most stunning is Botticelli as a flesh, blood & mass human being with lot of relics around. The entry fee is free & washrooms clean plus a great bar above for a beautiful vacation.

Next in the list is Pont d’Avignon at Boulevard de la Ligne, Avignon, France which is medieval aged historic bridge. The presentation incorporates VR technology to explain the formation of bridge which is the best part of the whole place. The bridge had full of notorious twists in its past which is good to know. The tickets are not free & buy in advance to avoid later confrontations. The place is almost always tightly packed down the hour.

The Luminessences Avignon is a beautiful 14th century Gothic place near Place du Palace. It is a light & sound show with a mixture of animated stories. A great place with family to hang out with.  For full fun, book an appointment near it.

The most famous place here is Palais des Papes, another historical place located towards southern France. Very beautiful 14th century architecture. It’s a beautiful castle in Avignon. One gets modern tools like I pads or tablets to provide information of the place. The 700 years old place still looks same via various modern techs used to bring it to life & all this helps to delve deep into history. The whole experience is quite enjoyable & a fun to visit.

The Avignon is full of medieval history sites showcasing French culture so make sure to enjoy max.

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