Enjoy Enthralling Adventure Time In Java

Want to enjoy true tropical vacay time in Indonesia? Java Island is one of the most popular and enthralling places where you can enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty, food, culture, and Asian lifestyle. And, it feels great to say that today we are with the crispiest information about Java Island that will help you to plan an amusing and adventurous trip to Java. This Island is like an untouched gem for travelers, therefore if you want to enjoy an impressive and adventurous trip then plan up a trip to Java Island.

You can relax on your sofa, sip your coffee and read out this fresh travel blog and get every detail about Java’s tourist attractions and the things that you can do here. You can awesome time on this place and take back the best memories and photographs. If you are curious, then without wasting any time let’s check out the top things that you can do on the Java Island.


Jaw-Dropping Scenic View Of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is the most gorgeous and stunning volcanic mountain located in the Eastern zone of Java. You can capture the mesmerizing enchanting beauty of sunrise from Mount Bromo and climb up to the crater of this vast volcanic mountain. As this volcanic mountain is located in the Semeru National Park, you can go hiking and explore the natural habitat of this National Park. Well, truly this is one of the best and top-rated tourist destinations where you can capture the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature. Therefore, add this beautiful attraction in your travel list and arrest the beauty of sunrise from Mount Bromo.


Breathtaking Beauty Of Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Fall in love with the picturesque beauty of the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. This is one of the most eye-catching natural waterfalls of the world, also you can capture more than thousand of pictures of this gorgeous place but you won’t be done looking at this marvelous waterfall. This waterfall has the most magical view of floating clouds, greenery and the gushing sounds of the waterfall will surely give tranquil peace. This attraction is like one of the most incredible gems of Java Island that you cannot forget about it for the whole lifetime.


Explore The Dreamy Rainbow Village

Rainbow village is one of the most beautiful and cheerful attractions in Java. This is one of the most amusing and fascinating places where you can enjoy the local culture and lifestyle of the Indonesian people. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the stunning beauty of the blue village. These villages are one of the eye-catching destinations on Java Island where you can capture the picturesque beauty of the cultural and colorful life of Java. As these villages are located in very popular Malang city, therefore you can take your time and wander in this city and capture the beauty of urban life Java.


Spiritual Beauty Of Borobudur Temple

Eventually, Borobudur temple is one of the most popular and gorgeous attractions on Java Island. You can capture and click the picture of the mesmerizing beauty of sunset and sunrise from this temple. The architectural beauty of this Borobudur temple will surely amuse you. For every wanderlust traveler, this place is like an Instagram worthy place to explore.


Dive In The Waters Of Karimun Java Beach

Karimun Java beach is the top spot for the divers and scuba divers. This beach is one of the most famous and tropical white sand beaches that attract travelers and people from all around the world. In the turquoise blue water, you can enjoy adventurous activities like snorkeling and scuba diving and capture the eye-striking beauty of the aquatic habitat of Java. Apart from this you can relax on the beach enjoy the summery weather, sip your cocktail and forget your worries. You can also try out the delicious taste of Indonesian cuisines on the local restaurants.

Therefore, these were the top attractions of Java Island where you can have a memorable and adventurous time in the lap of Mother Nature. Thus, pack up your bags now and fly off to Java Island and come back with unforgettable memories.

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