Love BTS? Other things that will make you fall in love with South Korea

If you have ever visited South Korea, that is basically the land of calmness in the morning. The land of endless kimchi, and a culture that is loved by the whole world, this place is definitely getting so much love. This country is basically the top travel destination in the world. And this is because of the culture, people, history, and food. Also, South Korea is great for outdoor activities such as shopping and outing in nature as well.

Korea is definitely offering a lot to its visitors, whether it is K-Pop or Beauty secrets, everything is perfection, there in Korea. Korea has some great places of attractions, that make it the perfect place to visit, and hence, that is the reason why it is on the list of top 10 countries to visit in Asia. Moreover, the country is the land of mountains, oceans, and temples as well. That is the reason why people love the country, and also, if you already love BTS, these are the more reasons to love South Korea.

Korean Foods

Korean food is basically the essence of Korea. Whenever we travel somewhere, we want to explore what we can have. Some countries have a similar kind of food and that can definitely make us get bored. But that is not the case with Korea. Korea has a large variety of foods that is you can eat a new dish even if you are living there for a month. And there are many dishes that you can go for if you want to eat something like noodles and make sure that you are getting the variety and diversity in the food you are eating daily. Korean food is definitely enough to make you fall in love with the country.

Events and Festivals

Every time you walk somewhere in the city, you will find places full of colors and people celebrating. When traveling to Korea, you must know that the people of Korea love festivals and celebrations. There are many celebrations and festivals, happening in the country and if you will be a part of it, then you will be the happiest on the planet as well. You can see the Korean ladies dancing around or the live music and even food stalls. Koreans have their own calendars for the festivals and they have their own precious festivals such as Chuseok which is Korean Thanksgiving and Hangeul Day which is the celebration of the Korean Language. Kimchi Festival and Boreyeong festival are the two other festivals that are only celebrated in the country of Korea.

People of the country

The people of Korea are very welcoming and kind. Most of the people in Korea have a genuine interest in meeting new people that are visiting their country. They have a keen interest in knowing about the different cultures and also, they want to learn about the people’s background as well. Korean people are genuinely very kind and they definitely don’t want anything in return. Basically, it’s in their culture to be kind to everyone. This is surely great something for the people who are visiting South Korea for the first time. And of course, this is a rare quality and Korean people are certainly too good for the other people of the world.


Korea has a lot to offer when it comes to natural and adventurous things. Moreover, the country is pretty beautiful in terms of landscapes and natural views. If you are a keen person, or somehow you love to go out in nature, then definitely you can consider visiting this country, South Korea. From mountains to small hills and also beautiful islands, you name it and you get it in South Korea. With the great hiking trails and mountains, Korea is becoming one of the most beautiful as well as the most interesting place to visit, if you love adventure. Hence, that is the reason why it is one of the best places to visit in Asia.

Fascinating History and culture

Korea has some really fascinating history and culture and is also rich in the history of centuries. There are many ancient temples and monuments that are depicting the stories of Korea. All the historical places are definitely very much favorites of the tourists and that is the reason why it is important to make sure that you are visiting all those places that are mentioned in the historical guide and hence, will definitely make you go in awe. Thus, it is very important to visit places that are rich in culture if you are visiting a country like Korea. And Moreover, this will give you all an opportunity to learn about such a colorful country as South Korea.

There are many other factors that will make you fall in love with Korea, but these were the best and the major ones. Every time you visit someplace in Korea, you will find a reason to love it. Hence, South Korea is a must-visit country, if you want to visit a country in Asia.

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