Mega-Enthralling Attractions to Explore In Hokkaido, Japan

Japan’s mesmerizing surroundings are not hidden from anyone. It’s not wrong to say that Japan is a hidden gem especially when you go away from main cities like Tokyo and go towards less explored and less crowded Japan.

Enjoy splendid views of ultra-mesmerizing natural views from the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Here we take your concentration to Hokkaido, the 2nd main largest main island in Japan.

Hokkaido is your one-stop vacation site for snowfall, hiking spots, many camping attractions, and other surreal views. Hokkaido is usually admired for its gorgeous deep valley surroundings and plush scenic beauty all mingled into an amazing journey.

Let’s explore the must-visit places in Hokkaido, one of the most stunning islands of Japan

Sapporo Odori Park –

The SOP is one of the most beautiful and highest-rated Hokkaido attractions. One can enjoy cutting-edge historic villages, snow festivals, Moerenum Park, and a famous Mt. Moiwa.

Also, enjoy the Lilac festival, other fantastic views to make your visit ultra-amazing.

Also visit Shibazakura, Mt. Asahi, Sapporo Beer Museum, for admiring the natural surroundings of nature.

  • Famous for Lilac Festival
  • Splendid Surrounding
  • Nice hotels in the nearby area at decent costs, most offers complimentary breakfast facility as well.
  • Some good places to find hotels are near Nakajima Koen station.

Lake Toya

This lake provides highly mesmerizing destinations in Hokkaido and gives a pristine look. Toya is a peaceful town known for its hot springs and magnificent Lake views.

  • Located close to Mount Usu, a dormant volcano mountain, and Hot springs
  • Admire the natural beauty of Japan
  • 180m deep lake formed 50K years ago from a crater
  • Lake doesn’t freeze in winters due to warm waters


Shirogane Blue Pond 

The Shirogane pons is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Hokkaido Island, Japan.

The main reason behind this great popularity is the Artificial Blue Water. Many selfie-lovers also come here for some picture-perfect photos.

  • Admire the beauty of slim trees.
  • Admire Mount Tokachi
  • Enjoy hiking and other adventure sports at the Shirogane Blue Pond area
  • Made in 1988 from a volcanic eruption where Biei River was diverted to let Mt.Tokachi not destroy nearby towns, hence also called as Shirogane Blue Pond of Biei
  • The blue color of the lake comes from mineral deposits underneath
  • According to Matcha JP, “ Depending on the weather and the season it can change from a milky light blue to deep green turquoise. ”

Shiretoko National Park 

The SNP is widely admired for its stunning and pristine wildlife and the hiking and trekking areas.

The ultra-beautiful national park is surrounded by natural ecosystems and breath-taking green surroundings.

  • Enjoy Lake Shikotsu, Daisetsuzan National Park, and Lake Mashū here as well
  • As per Jap translation, Shiretoko, which originated from the Ainu word, “Shiri Etoku” which means “a far corner of the earth” is exactly located at the northernmost tip of Japan.
  • One can view large mammals like Brown bears, Killer Whales, etc.
  • See a plethora of large endangered raptors range as well.
  • The Park is very biodiverse and hence in 2005, awarded as a World Natural Heritage Site.
  • Many Tours operates daily, like Trip Advisor offers Eagle and Wildlife Watching Tour, “This tour explores the symbolic wildlife of Shiretoko’s winter such as the Steller’s Sea Eagle and White-tailed Eagle. You may also see, you may also see other majestic wildlife such as Ezo Sika Deer, Ezo Red Foxes, and Seals on the ice if you are lucky,” as per tour description.


Another resplendent town city in Hokkaido. It’s the 2nd biggest city and well populated with tourists and natives alike.

There is an Airport at Asahikawa as well. It is not wrong to call this city an overlooked gem in Hokkaido.

The agriculture-based financial and commercial hub is the primary producer of rice for the people of Japan.

  • Some top tourist destinations there are Asahiyama Zoo where you can witness some top mammals and Penguin walk is the center of attraction that happens twice a day. Also, it is a crowded zoo so be prepared accordingly.
  • Other destinations are Ueno Farm, to witness some incredible nature and tranquility, Otokoyama Sakezukuri Museum, Speciality Museums, Science Centres,
  • Asahikawa winter festival, where Asahikawa hosts Japan’s second-largest winter festival and the longest ice slide, as per ZenD3
  • Enjoy Adrenaline-Rushing Kamui Ski links and Ramen villages
  • End trip with surreal views from Shujitsu no Oka


Honestly, Japan is a vivid country. From jampacked clustered movements in Tokyo to less crowded spaces like Mount Fuji area or Hokkaido.

There is something for everyone.

Visit this place to enjoy the surreal nature, pristine lakes, and some good cultural feel of Hokkaido, Japan

Happy Travelling!


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