Overcome your fear of flying with these pro tips

Flying can be an absolute nightmare for anyone who is nervous or afraid of being in the air on a flight. This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can easily cause mental stress to the people dealing with the fear of flying. There are various reasons that make a person fearful of flying, such as fear of heights, being claustrophobic, and many more things. Apart from that, the mental anxiety is also somewhat responsible for increased fear as the person keeps thinking that something bad might happen to the plane or the people inside the plane and so many other reasons. Human imagination can be beyond the control, but it can definitely be worked upon to help people that are afraid of flying by alleviating their fears. Travel or not to travel is completely your choice; no one can force you into doing things that you aren’t sure of. Only if you are completely dedicated and determined to get over your fears of flying, then you should read some tips listed below that will help you to overcome your fears of flying and will make you feel less nervous or anxious the next time you travel on a plane.

Get yourself familiar with your plane.

Getting to know things or checking it out beforehand your final take always helps in reducing some kind of mental stress and anxiety. You can always get to know what your plane actually looks like, and doing so will make things less scary. Get all the knowledge that you can get before stepping onto the airplane. This will definitely help you to get rid of catastrophic thoughts, which will further alleviate your anxiety levels.

Listen to relaxing music.

Music can be your absolute best friend as it helps you greatly in calming your nerves and also to distract your mind. Always carry your comfortable headphones with you whenever you plan on flying. Put on some relaxing and soothing music that will help to calm your nerves and make you feel at ease. This way, you can drift into a calmer and peaceful environment without having any bad or catastrophic thoughts about your plane ride.

Get acquainted with the crew.

Getting acquainted with the people who hold your safety in their hands can always help in creating a very friendly environment and make the plane ride seem more comfortable and less scary. Meeting the crew, including the pilot and the flight attendants, only if there’s time before the flight takes off helps in ensuring that the crew present on board is quite knowledgeable and competent. They are well trained and know how to deal with nervous flyers, have a little chat with them, share your concerns, and they will probably help you to put your mind at ease.

Concentrate on your breathing

Increased anxiety means increased mental stress, and that isn’t a good sign as it can easily make you more nervous about flying. Therefore, some breathing exercises can help you to put your mind at ease. Always concentrate on your breathing and believe us; this technique always works as it will help you to take your mind off the flight. There are some basic breathing exercises, such as breathing in and out slowly. Do it for a count of 5 or 10, take the air in through your nose and release it out through your mouth. You can also do this while listening to relaxing music.

Read or watch something good.

A fun and good distraction always work. You can easily take your mind off the flight by reading or watching something fun like some shows, movies, comics, magazines, etc. Try to look for shows or movies that are in particular, fun and happy as it will help in relieving a great amount of stress. You can download some shows or movies on your apps like NetFlix, amazon prime, etc. Or you can also pack some good books or a puzzle to solve to take your mind off everything.

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