Places travelers must visit in Bolivia

Being surrounded by countries on all sides, this country lies in the center of South America and is home to a vast range of landmasses. You can see plateaus, planes, rainforests, valleys, lakes, and others. With such an amazing and diverse landmass where you can experience so many activities and things when you are here. With rich culture, you would get to learn and meet new people and enjoy their authentic cuisines. Bolivia is also rich in history and you can visit some colonial cities when you are here. Not only nature but this country also offers several museums, churches, markets, carnivals, etc for the amusement and enjoyment of the visitors.

There are several places you can visit when you are here in Bolivia. Here you get to know about some of those places that you should visit when here.

1: Salar de Uyuni

This is one of the things people would have known bolivia for. The largest salt flat in the world. This is said to be a prehistoric lake that dried up leaving a desert-like formation of white salt. You can visit this place in a car and get to see this beauty. All around you would see just the white salt flats. These are said to be about 11000 square kilometers of slat flat landmass. When it rains, the water hardens the salt and creates a mirror-like effect, creating a reflection of the sky above. You may see some pink flamingos here.

2: Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is South America’s largest lake and is known to be the region from where several native people originated from. This lake is a stunning sight to be at. This is divided into two countries, Bolivia and Peru. Here you can have a peaceful time and vacation. You can go on a hike to the hill in the town to get the best view of the lake or row a boat in the lake. You get to try the authentic Bolivian food and get to know about different groups and kingdoms that originated from this area. You can book a room in the resort near to have a stunning view of the lake.

3: Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

What to feel magical and peaceful? Visit this reserve where you can see different endangered species living merrily. This place was formed for the protection of endangered llareta and vacuna but now is home to so many more rare and endangered species. Visit this reserve and see the stunning white salt flats and Los Lipaz’s rainbow-colored mineral lakes. This is a unique place with such magical landscapes and some beautiful species.

4: Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park can be said to be the most diverse national park where you can see such rare species, flora, and fauna. Here in this national park, you can see some of the rare species such as the jaguar, titi monkey, and many other animals. It is said that this park itself is home to about 11 percent of the total species of birds present in the world. Visit the national park and get to see all these rare and beautiful species.

5: Potosi

Potosi was once one of the richest and highest cities before it was conquered. This was home to tons of silver which were then extracted. Now there is no silver but tin is still mined here. You can visit the mines and even the once royal mint that is now a museum. You can tour around the city and get to meet the locals and enjoy different food. You can also look at the colonial architecture and explore this beautiful city.


This country is rich in biodiversity and you can see that in the whole country. There are several places to visit, explore, know about, and several activities to participate in and learn from. Visit national parks, lakes, cities, go on a hike or ski, get to know about the indigenous people here and learn about their lifestyle and culture, attend carnivals and have fun when you are here in the fifth largest country of South America. This country provides you with so much experience and adventure. Plan a trip and have a great trip to this beautiful country.

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