Relish The Incredibly Ravishing Pizza Craving in Cape-Town

Capetonians are die-hard pizza fans. With incredibly awesome pizza solutions in Capetown, the competition is hyper-fierce than ever.

Pizza rage is on fire these days within many Capetonians. That’s where we come in handy.

Relish the best as the things will get a little cheesy.

We’ve given some of the best, the final decision is on you, Capetonians.

Let’s Explore

Massimo’s pizza, Hout Bay

The best place for real, authentic, thin, Italian pizzas. The pizza outlet is run by Massimo and Tracy combo. Massimo began in 2009 with just 4 people. The lighter and thinner pizza was loved by all and a new cape town food progression started!

  • All ingredients are farm-fresh from locals and stalls
  • Warm Italian Ambience with rustic eclectic ambiance on inside and outside is a family-friendly show with jungle gyms
  • New frozen take-home range
  • Lots of philanthropy work done as well
  • Dine-In and take away facilities available
  • The dog-friendly atmosphere and an open Mic event every Wednesday
  • The plethora of food options

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Da Vinci’s

Find Da Vinci’s at 2 branches namely Kloof Street and Harfield village. See an indoor and street-side table designing.

Verdi pizza is most eaten which is filled with Farm-Fresh tomatoes, pesto, feta, walnuts, avocado, no mozzarella, and despite that is delicious

  • Delicious food in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Da Vincis is famous for our thin-based pizzas, delicious burgers, huge hearty salads, spare ribs, wings, and even our fish & calamari.
  • Daily special range
  • Our staff are friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, and always up for a laugh.
  • A mix of all budgets and highly rated

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Ashley Family restaurant, Goodwood

Having worked in the restaurant industry for years, Ashley finally came up with his setup in 2007.

Ashley has served to families in the Northern suburbs pizza, steaks, burgers, and more.

  • Child friendly and family admiring décor
  • Many satisfied customers
  • Huge food quantity and many top-class products in all price ranges

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Bin Rashied Pizza, Multi-Centers

Opened in 1990 and is strictly halal. Started with one small branch and now is a multi-store outlet.

  • Italian classics were combined with some of today’s modern recipes to create a modern blend and taste
  • Highest-quality of quality and service and ensuring a halaal product
  • Many varieties like Pita, Burgers, Pizzas, and several offers running during weekends.

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Bossa Social Café, Tygerfalls

Here’s another star of the North – Bossa situated on the Tygerfalls Waterfront

A jinx of social vibe and having some of the best cocktails plus a huge menu.

According to Bossa spokesperson, “The Bossa Group of restaurants focus on providing customers with a casual dining experience, lively ambiance, friendly service and a variety of well-priced, quality food.”

  • Bossa is a one-stop solution for unwinding from a hard day at the office or celebrating a birthday
  • Open 7 days a week
  • We aim to cater for almost every palate and occasion – from nachos and chili poppers to crunchy salads to the best burgers in town, says Bossa
  • Lively ambiance and friendly service
  • Takeaway available, group bookings, full bar, kid-friendly, Vegan friendly, WiFi, and outdoor seating available

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Ferdinando’s Pizza, Obs

Initially run out of an apartment, the Ferdinando is now a big name with testament from fans.


Wood-fired, proper Italian flour, tomato, and fresh ingredients make this Observatory’s hidden gem

Topped with laughter, love, and aioli (secret garlic sauce you get for free with our yum homemade breadsticks!) A place for celebration! Birthdays, engagements, special family moments, couples, friends, solo travelers, locals, and lovers.”

  • Ample veg options
  • Famous dessert pizza (Nutella, fruits, and roasted marshmallows)
  • Interesting toppings are hard to find anywhere else.

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Narona, The City Bowl

If vegetarianism is what you love most, then Narona is the hands-down best option for vegetarian persons.

The meaty pizzas are stupendous too

Narona claims they have the best cheesecake and pizza in the town.

Narona uses farm-fresh ingredients and has a large plethora of taste adventures for everyone. Prices are in a sub-decent category that is not too high, not low.


5pm – 10pm Weekdays

12 pm – 10 pm Weekends

Enjoy now!

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The pizzas are the talk of Cape-Town people from long as they relish this food item the most. With recent advances, Italian cultures are being fused with the taste of Capetonians giving sublime Pizza experiences.

These were some of the best pizza eateries in Cape Town.

See for yourself, which is the best for you by tasting all

Thanks for reading

Happy Traveling!


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