Some of the most spectacular buildings in London

London is one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is on the list of every traveler. It is because it can provide its visitor with great scenery, beautiful buildings, rich history, and diverse culture in the city. You can experience a diverse range of things in London. When in London one thing that every traveler does is visit some of the famous buildings and explore the area. They look at the history and architecture of the beautifully crafted building. These buildings narrate their history and the stories of people who either built or lived there.

Look at the list below to know about some of the beautiful and famous buildings in London. These buildings are immensely beautiful and have amazing scenery around them.

Buckingham Palace

This stunning, architectural marvel is something that needs no introduction. Home to The Royal Family this is the most famous building in London. Visitors or tourists make sure to visit this marvel whenever they are in London. This place has its history and story to tell. This building is located at the heart of London. Tourists make sure to get a glimpse of this marvelous building. You can visit and look at the interior of the palace as well as it is open to the public for some hours. You can look at the pictures and rooms and the architecture of the palace by yourself on the tour to the palace.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is the biggest church in London and is one of the most famous buildings in the city or you can say in the world. This building is there for centuries and has seen the history of London. So many royal events took place in this cathedral. Not only is this place used to hold events but is also a burial site for several famous people. You can visit this place and visit the memorials of famous people; you can look at the stunning view of the cathedral by standing on the whispering gallery and hear your whispers loudly. The alluring mosaic work on the dome ceiling is something to look at.

Tate Modern London

If you are an art lover and love to visit places where you can appreciate art then this is the place for you. This place is known as one of the most visited art galleries and museums. This gallery is home to a beautiful art collection from decades ago and is home to all sorts of paintings say it be British art or some international paintings. Plan a trip and visit this modern art gallery. This place will blow your mind with its architecture and the art pieces present here. They are not in a date-wise sequence but are set according to what theme they represent. This makes it unique as you can see a modern piece of art next to some 20th-century art.

Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is known as the house of parliament as it is the meeting place for the two houses of parliament. This is located on the banks of the River Thames and looks marvelous when seen from the other side of the river. This building was made some 900 to 800 years ago. This palace is one of the most beautiful and gets many visitors every day. One of the famous sights of London Big Ben is a part of this palace. Visit this to know more about the history and architecture of the place.

The Shard

The Shard, one of the beautiful buildings in London is inspired by the surroundings. This building is approx. 300 meters tall making it the tallest building in the whole of Europe. This beautiful building is eco-friendly and is a city in itself with everything present in the building. With several offices, residential floors, hotels, restaurants, and others this building is one of its kind.
To conclude the article, we can say that now you know about different beautiful buildings that are present in London and are extremely famous among the visitors. These buildings attract people because of their amazing architecture and the real-life stories that are related to them. Visit London and plan a trip to these stunning buildings and get to know about London and its history. There are many buildings and museums in London that represent designs from centuries ago. Get to know about all of them by planning a trip to the capital city.

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