Unique and cool things that you can do in Tokyo

Tokyo is an experience in itself. There are amazing restaurants, buildings, temples, museums, and tourists spots to visit but even after all these things, there is so much more to the place. There are so many things and activities that are only possible in this city. You must visit Tokyo and get to experience all these fun and exciting things. This high-tech metropolis has a huge list of exciting and unique activities that you can experience when you are here in the city. Some cool and weird things would leave you feeling excited and enchanted. Tokyo is known for being an exciting and fun-filled city.

Here is a list of activities you can do when you are in Tokyo.
1: Visiting teamLab borderless digital art museum

The digital art museum is unique and stunning. You do not get any guide as to how you are supposed to and what to do, you just wall through the dark corridors and open whatever door you like and you get to see an amazing art that fills up the whole room. There is a mesmerizing display of lights and several projections that makes the room look enchanted. This is an ideal place to get some unique and stunning photos too.
2: Spending a day at Disney sea

This is something different than a simple Disney park. No need to go to Disney World when you can visit the stunning Disney sea. This Disney sea is inspired by real places making it unique and different from other Disney-themed places. The things here are more inclined to cater to the adults and thus there are even broadways and cocktails that you can enjoy here. This is something unique and different from other parks but if you wish to then you can also visit Disney world in Tokyo.
3: Go Karting while dressed as your favorite character

One of the most bizarre and exciting things to do in Tokyo is getting your friends and go-kart around the streets of Tokyo. You can cosplay as your favorite character and then take the go-karts, driving them around the streets along with other cars and buses on the road. You can drive a go-kart on the road dressed up as your favorite character.
4: Exploring the Memory Lane

When you walk here, you feel like you have traveled back in time as this place has narrow lanes and those old restaurants where the sitting area consists of just a few seats right next to the counter. You can see people sitting and enjoying hot and delicious food. This lane makes you feel like you are back in time and you can observe how things were at that time. Most of the shops here have Japanese cuisine and thus you can have authentic Japanese cuisine in the most authentic setting.
5: Visiting Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

This is the place where you can watch the city and can experience many virtual reality things. You can visit this place at any time of the day and look around the city. Here are maki VR rides for you to enjoy and have a fun time. The mosaic mirror and the VR games keep you entertained. You can click so many amazing pictures here. Book online before going for a smooth and effortless time. This area is fun-filled and exciting with loads of activities to do.

Tokyo is such an interesting city to explore and stay in. You can get the mix of old buildings and culture and the new and modern lifestyle in this metropolis. There are so many activities to do and so many places to be that you will have a tough time choosing what you want to do. Wait no more and get started with your planning as to what are you going to do and what places are you going to visit when you are in Tokyo. Not only places but you can also enjoy the delicious Japanese cuisine in this beautiful city. It has some amazing restaurants where you can have authentic Japanese food. Enjoy your time in Tokyo.

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