5 Must-Visit Places In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a tiny gem in Europe environed by Belgium, France, and Germany. The place renders huge diversity with dense Ardennes forest, natural parks, rocky gorges, river valley, and immense green spaces. Some parts of the country offer a living history experience.
The raw and unfiltered naturalscape, delectable cuisine, all-over picturesque scenery, stunning architecture, lively culture, and great hospitality- what else world’s traveler wants in their voyage? If you’re wondering to travel Luxembourg we are sure you must be looking to capture the best of the country. So, without offering you overwhelming options we have picked the top 5 must-visit places in your Luxembourg itinerary. Don’t miss adding this to your itinerary.


The Capital Luxembourg City – The Old Quarter

The best place to kick-off your Luxembourg sojourn is to stopover the breathtaking capital city Luxembourg. The city is popular for its old town charm with medieval fortifications and among a plethora of spots in the city, the most visited and unavoidable is The Old Quarter. The site is a UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Site.
The Old Quarter of the city is enriched with beautiful green spaces and you’ll love to stroll around the stunning gardens in a historical setting. As you walk through the small alleys of the city you’ll feel as if you have stepped back in time. It would be the best part of your itinerary and even the best way to explore the country’s heritage.

Other places to that you should visit in your stopover to the capital city are:

  • National Museum of History and Art
  • The Book Casements
  • Grand Ducal Palace
  • The Walls of the Corniche
  • Place Guillaume II


Bourscheid Castle

The towns and cities are absolutely gorgeous here but no Luxembourg itinerary is complete without visiting the even more stunning villages of the country. The villages here are home to some stunning epitome of architecture and bestowed with eye-catching scenery and such is the village of Bourscheid bounded by the rivers Sure and Wark- the village can’t be bypassed. The village is home to some amazing views that make it a perfect place for hiking and the two river beaches just make it all worth traveling the extra mile.
There you can spot a fairy-tale castle dating back to the 10th century and it looks even more striking when lit up at night. So, don’t forget to add that too.


Upper sure Natural Park and Esch-sur-Sure

Plateaus, narrow valleys, eye-catching lake, wooden slopes- the Upper sure Natural Park and Esch-sur-Sure (a nearby beautiful small village with mountains and stunning eye-pleasing scenery) preserves the diverse natural gems and wildlife for the visitors. Both the places are always there in the bucket-list of every traveler simply because of the vast assortment of water sports and leisure activities offered by them. From sculpture trail, solar-powered boat tours, fishing, swimming, sailing, and diving there are endless quests to try. Also, it is home to the Nature Park Centre- a rich cultural heritage site.
Also, it’s on the preference of many visitors because of the biannually held Water art Festival- a musical concert based on the theme of Rock meets Classic.



An old town set in the rocky valley is another must-visit place in your itinerary. The town is home to a plethora of spectacular spots and among all the huge draw is the Neo-Roman Church. The old streets of the town are flanked with the finest historical monuments rendering a living history experience.



It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country because of the beautiful hiking trails, rocky hills, fine views, and 300 acres of forest area with wooly creatures all around. If you love to hike, climb a rock, or relish camping it’s a perfect spot for you.

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