5 Best Places You Must Add To Your Mauritius Itinerary

If you’re a beach lover we are pretty much sure Mauritius would be there in your bucket list!
Sited in the Indian Beach, Mauritius is an island nation in the southeast of Africa. The island nation is home to a stunning shoreline, lagoons, striking reefs, scenic natural beauty, lush forests, flora & fauna, and lively culture.

If you’re wondering to travel to Mauritius, it can be overwhelming to decide what places to visit and what to not. So, keeping that in mind we have picked for you 5 best places the country offers and should be added to your itinerary if you want the best of the nation.
So, let’s get started!


Port Louis

You should kick-off your sojourn with the stunning capital city, Port Louis. It is the cultural and business center of the country and has a rich and intriguing past of about 300 years old. The city is a perfect blend of antiquity and modernity.
You can witness in the city, the beautiful wonders of nature that are eye-pleasing and a plethora of museums that renders a glimpse of the country’s glorified past.

Top sights in the city are-

  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam- lush garden spanning over 60 acres.
  • Blue Penny Museum- art and culture museum
  • Le Pouce- a mountainous region with a stinking view.
  • Citadel- Historical landmark with fascinating vista


Belle Mare Plage Beach

Mauritius dwells a plethora of stunning beaches and Belle Mare Plage Beach is one such striking possession. It is a perfect haven with magnificent scenery, water-sports activities from snorkeling to scuba diving you can relish everything here, and of course a mesmerizing sunset. Also, you can spot many attractions near the beach such as the famous Hindu temple that is in the vicinity of the beach.


Casela Nature Parks

The place offers you an indelible experience of witnessing wildlife. It is a huge outdoor amusement park with guided safari tours, zip-lining, and other thrilling outdoor activities plus you get a bunch of cafes and restaurants.
Set beside the Rempart Mountain, the park offers a scenic view to all the visitors. The place is wild, full of fun & excitement, and a perfect way to spend an absolute time of your itinerary. You must add this to your itinerary.

  • Timings- 9 AM to 5 PM every day
  • Location: Royal road, Cascavelle


Rochester Falls

Nestled in the Savanne district of the country is the beautiful gush of waster, Rochester Falls. The place is a hype among all the visitors and we must say the place lives up to all that hype. Apart from being the most popular tourist attraction, it is also the widest waterfall in the country.
It offers a rugged and lush green landscape and you would love to take a bath in. However, one advice if you’re planning to visit the place is that you should skip the spot if you’re traveling the country in the rainy season. As during rains, the place is worse.


Photo Museum

Now this place is a must-visit if you’re photography lovers. The museum is among the 10 best virtual museums of the world and it’s totally worth the given ranking. It features different camera evolutions and photographic displays taken by each camera. You will surely enjoy every second here, the place is that intriguing!
You can also opt for guided tours here to have a complete insight over the place and about what it features. A visit to the museum is like tripping down the memory lane.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 to 15:00
  • Location: Port Louis

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