5 Weird Foods You Can Try in Germany That’ll Baffle You

Exploring cultures is in vogue and so is trying their weird foods that are mostly kept hidden and away from hatred. These dishes put your tastebuds through a funeral pyre or they can come delightful to few. But all in all, there are many items around the globe that we have never heard of or have never tasted because they were too absurd, raw, or overwhelmingly bad in taste. But the delicacy of a place has no limits as you will see in the following list of 5 weirdest foods that you can try while you are in Germany. Your stay in Germany would be hecking memorable!

You Can Try These 5 Perplexing Weird Foods in Germany

1. Blutwurst


Starting slow and steady, this is a sausage made out of blood. If you have ever heard of blood pudding, the details will go easy on your ears. The dried blood from pork is seductively mixed with garlic, ginger, onions, and seasonings and then stuffed into pork intestines to create blunt curved sausages. It needs a lot of guts to swallow its bite down the throat but if you have had this dark beauty before in England, you don’t have to worry much.

2. Milbenkase


This can haunt you for days. So, this is cheese but not like your usual cheese made with human hands and caressed at each step of its manufacture. Rather the significant modification to this cheese is brought by the cheese mites. There, you have been told the secret behind all the love it gets in the country. When you are seeking a bite, it is brought by your chef on your plate but before that, all the spiders had been in action. This is why people also call it spider cheese, the cheese fermented by spiders.

3. Pickled Eggs

Pickled Eggs

Eggs in pickle juice are hard to visualize let alone taste. However, it is a favorite of many locals and has made its way to America. It is a popular dish across Europe and is served with little variation, obviously. The point is many find eggs and vinegar a weird combination and the taste is godawful. It is eaten with salad or put in a sandwich. Sometimes the pickled eggs come with the shell and it can drive you away like anything!

4. Saumagen


More pork inside a pork pouch. This pouch is nothing but the stomach of a fat animal. It is tied after it is heavily stuffed with seasoned and flavorful grounds of pork. When it has aged enough, the tied stomach is cut into slices and then served to eat. The concept is a lot stranger but the taste isn’t that bad. When this comes on your plate, just try not to think of its preparation and you are good to go!

5. Tongue Sausage

Tongue Sausage

As the name suggests, the sausage is made out of tongues of livestock and if this messes with your eating habits for the next few days, try gulping down a glass of water thereafter. The sausage usually comes out dark with pig fat, tongue, and tongue looking like sweet marbling on the meat slice. And if you have made it through blood and worms, this shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

Bottom Line

There, you made it through the article! Now you can at least consider trying one of these to challenge yourself. P.S. these are not the most challenging of all the dishes. The real world awaits you with even more mind-boggling foods that certainly have no regard for your taste. So, when you are visiting Germany, try out these or some of these local titbits for an extreme thrill!

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