Top 6 Museums in Greece That Should be on Your Bucket List

Greece is home to the famous Greek civilization of glorious name and fame. It is said that the gods blessed the greeks with brains and this is why there is no match for their philosophical bend of mind. The country preserves carefully and dedicatedly many thousands of excerpts from its past that speak volumes of it being ahead of its time and wealth. Here, we have given a list of 6 Museums in Greece that reflect boastfully the culture and history of the country.

Here are 6 museums you need to visit for an amusing learning experience

1. National Archaeological Museum, Athens

National Archaeological Museum, Athens

The first and by far the largest of the museums of the land offers adventure to the knowledge-thirsty mind and acts as a panacea for history enthusiasts. It takes you through a vivid and elaborate journey of Greek history beginning with the prehistoric collection. For research purposes, there is a 118-year-old library with significant masterpieces of writing and history writing.

2. Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Talking about Cycladic Art, it had its birthplace in the Cycladic civilization from the Bronze age and is part of Aegean art. Standard features of this art are obscure human figures with folded arms and feature not drawn intensively put pointed, made out of clay or marble. This is an intriguing visit as such arts have only been seen in adaptive contemporary features and don’t compel an ancient rhythm but you’ll soon realize.

3. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

This museum has the most extensive collection of historical treasures tracing the prominence of Greece through ancient, Hellenistic, and classical periods, among others. The ruined vestiges of various backgrounds are atypical of worldly perception of Greek civilization and provide valuable glimpses of Greek societies and the perfection of sculptural art that has no competition worldwide.

4. Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki

Museum of Byzantine Culture

Speaking of the early medieval splendor of the Byzantine Empire is this museum complex in Thessaloniki. Not only does this have regular and extravagant artifacts and artworks of Byzantines but also many other things that were born out of the tussle between Christendom and Islam. The museum delicately conserves the saga of the great empire throughout the years and how the works of art developed side by side to contain their important imprints.

5. The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The museum preserves the pieces from the troublesome and tragic history of Jews in Europe during the Nazi regime. Maintained by the local Jewish populace, it has collections of world war horrors, Jewish religious antiques, surviving few texts in Hebrew, and miscellaneous things attached to their daily life occurrences.

6. Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, Athens

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

This one is a little museum reflecting the Islamic cultural history that Greece had experienced in medieval times. It is concentrated on the essence of Islamic art and the profusion of such refined ornamentations and artifacts, born out of human finesse. Though not expansive, it houses some of the important shreds of the warring spirit prevalent then. Intricate wooden Jafri and stained glass intensify the interiors of the place.

Bottom Line

Many such stupendous museums are housed and maintained in Athens, the place that gave the world the concept of democracy. Athens was named after Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, from Greek mythology. If not all of Greece, only one trip to Athens will deliver all the amazing historical spots and museums of cultural prominence. If you identify yourself as such an enthusiast, you will be thrilled to be here. So pack your bags and set sail for a great learning experience and jaw-dropping monumental visit!

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