Food Travel in Europe to Enjoy in New Year

Traveling for food is a passion like no other. It beautifully puts forth a combination that is hard to miss out on anyways. Whenever we are traveling to one new destination, we are constantly looking for good options to eat and enjoy the atmosphere like the place means the festival fully. Especially during holidays, if you don’t see the right amount of buzz around, there is no fun. There has to be more thrill on the streets through food and shopping outlets so you can express yourself better. Europe has got the right taste for you!

If you are looking for the perfect new year’s eve, you should try these foods while you are traveling to Europe.

  1. Crunchy Biscuits

Crispy and grainy ginger biscuits have been eaten throughout the festive season. They are very decorated with colorful new year icing patterns. In many places throughout Europe, you will find huge bunches of these biscuits being sold. They have a very fascinating range. You can pack variety for yourself and munch on as many as you wish to and also pack loads for your loved ones back home. They are a sweet reminder of the festival.

It could be the Austrian Linzer cookies, Hungarian cookies, Scandinavian Krumkakes, Almond Biscotti, Italian star anise cookies, spice cookies from Germany, Bosnian butter cookies, or the cherry almond cookies from Italy that drive you an absolute fan!

crunchy biscuits

  1. Turkey Gravy With Potatoes

Turkey is a voguish item of the holiday season. You are likely to find this item being served in many restaurants. It is a delicious mix of either a rack of turkey or sliced turkey meat and mashed potatoes that are drizzled with thick gravy to go with it. It is quite a heart-warming food item that pulls us to itself. The dish is usually considered a staple of the new year’s dining experience. The sauce that is used in this dish has many variations throughout Europe wherein you will find sweet elements in some and spicy notes in other.

You may notice the variation of thickness too because of the use of drippings, flour, malt, and or butter. It is a wholly delicious dish for the eve that one must try. There is a perfect balance of sweet and savory.


  1. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a fluffy sweet pudding made of rice, cream, and almonds. This Scandinavian concept makes for a hearty dessert option post-celebration eve dinner. The rice pudding is topped delicately with a cherry sauce that makes a bright dark contrast. It is a very famous side dish in Sweden and Denmark. The presentation of rice pudding differs to great degrees across the countries in Europe. It comes in with interesting crunchy toppings too!

The foodie tourist might find it as pudding, ice cream, custard, or a crusty pastry with gooey insides. You will fall in love with rice pudding in no time.



  1. Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate cakes always have your back. This particular food item is a love affair seen and tasted during many festivals. Picture a hot pastry, cake, or pudding that is made entirely of warm nuts and chocolates and married with luscious butter. The time is ripe to spoil yourself especially when you are in Europe which is known to have many specialties in chocolate and cheese making. A classic chocolate pudding is a simple and effective favorite of any new year’s eve table.

One can surely not miss this beauty topped with the love of cherries and chocolate syrup!

chocolate pudding



So these were some of the new year’s dishes that you must try once you are in Europe because they are super affable dishes that have been around as traditions. You will love each one of them and might also be baffled by the available options. It is supposed to be a happy year afterward and your foodie instincts shouldn’t be held back when there are so many fun items to try on! Have a great new year travelogue in Europe that is filled and sweet and savory treats.

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