Off-Beat Beaches to Visit This New Year

The new year inspires many of us to try out things that we have always to. Some of us would accomplish some things while others would like to travel the extra mile to reach places that appeal to us. Some take up new hobbies too. Well, you can do a whole lot of things if that interests you. The best travel plans can be initiated in the new year so you are filled with fresh zeal to live life from a fresh perspective. To assist you with planning such a trip, we are recommending 5  off-beat beach spots from all over the world that are mesmerizing to be visited at least once!

Here’s a little list Off-Beat Beaches

  1. Cirali Beach, Turkey

This is the beach where you can go swimming and hiking too. It is very clean and serene because of the expansive forests that fade into the beach. This relaxing beach in Turkey is pretty cut off from the mainstream social stride and hence it makes for a great vacation spot. This is more of a gravel beach than a sand beach with quiet waters and high mountains in its panorama giving mild cold weather.


  1. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

A fun-loving traveler is going to find many beaches in Seychelles. There are tons of things to explore and feel here. This particular beach is just one from the whole lot. Here, you can witness the amazing natural scenery of the Indian Ocean. The sky and ocean are in bright contrasting colors of different blue and the middle is occupied by granite rocks and lush forests. The stunning beach view is to die for. It is a magical surrounding to spend your perfect new year!


  1. Praia Trancoso, Brazil

This cream-sandy beach is a vacation love affair with all the serene elements in one place. This one is a perfect secret escape for many locals residing here. It is much loved because of its picturesque and warm surroundings. The beach is a perfect sandwich of high mountains, fresh forestry, sand, and water, all steer clear of each other. It seems distant and very quiet. The natural beauty of the beach is intact and not messed with.


  1. Phu Quoc Islands, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island in Vietnam that carries the freshness of the Eastern Pacific Sea in the best way. Much modernized in its impeccable service. It is a very clean and hospitable beach where you can sit back and relax for as long as you want but the only thing that one must not forget here is to click tons of pictures of the scenery around. The cool taupe sand feels amazing underneath and the weather keeps dictating the norm of the beach.


  1. Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal

The amazing sea caves of Algar de Benagil are a mysterious space to be in. If you are looking for a mix of tranquility and thrill, be sure to have visited this sea cave. The cave has arched entrances and the ground it touches is frequently washed by the sea. It is like a beach with a roof. You will be able to do all the things you like as you do on the beach but here you will naturally have your own space.


For any vacation plan during the winter season, it is better to go for offbeat places because then you will have more space and time for yourself, you will be able to see things properly, and have a mess-free service available. Plus if you are opting for the beach, the weather would be much more relaxed with all the sun dominating the scene. You will have a great time with your dear company’s embrace when the breeze touches you. Beaches are refreshing retreats that many of us have to seek when we feel a break. These off-beat places will give you your much-needed break and offer a great vacation experience and sightseeing opportunities.

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