Foods you will find mesmerizing if you are visiting India

The land of culture, heritage, and history with over 5000 years, India is a place that is full of fun and food. The one word for India is basically Incredible. There is a saying in this country, that is “Atithi Devo Bhava” and it basically means that guest is equivalent to God. And also, the country is basically famous for its curry and other highly spicy food. If you can handle the spice, India is the best country to have food. And also, we all know that Indian snacks and curries are basically influenced by climatic conditions, locations, traditions, and many other factors.

Every Indian State has its own cuisine and that is why it is very significant to get to know about these cuisines and the places they come from. Perhaps there are many sorts of foods that you can taste but here we are providing the best food cuisines of the different states of the country. Hence, here is the list of Foods you will find mesmerizing if you are visiting India.


Biryani from Andhra Pradesh

Biryani is basically a fragrant rice dish that has a variety of spices and vegetables or it can also include marinated chicken or mutton. This is a pretty delicious dish that differs from region to region and also, biryani is one of the most popular dishes in India as well as other Asian countries as well. It is a well-known fact that Mughals were the first people to introduce biryani in North India while the Arabs were the people who exposed biryani to South India. To be honest, Biryani is a complete and beautiful meal to suit all occasions and also, will definitely satisfy everyone’s taste buds and heart as well.


Street Food from Delhi

If you want to have the most beautiful experience in India, then there is no other place than Delhi. The types of food you will find here in this city, are just unmatchable. Also, you will find five-star restaurants that are great in terms of food and quality but the original taste here in this city is profound of the street food. The most important thing here you can do in Delhi is basically exploring the streets of the city with full enthusiasm. Additionally, you will find a lot of food streets and moreover, the city is full of people who love to eat are definite foodies.


Khaman Dhokla from Gujrat

Khaman Dhokla is the famous and the most beautiful Gujrati dish, that is basically loved by almost every Gujrati. Also, you will find the best khaman in Gujrat and if you are traveling to Gujrat, then you will find many other dishes as well such as khakhra, jalebi, and many other things as well. It is basically a salty and sweet dish that is made with fresh ground chickpea flour. Also, if we talk about the serving, this dish is served with chilies, a typical Indian sauce that is known as chutney. Also, it is garnished with fresh coriander and scrapped coconut as well.


Chole Bhature from Punjab

Want to add a bit of spice to your life? then you can consider adding Chole Bhature to your tasting list of the food from India. You will definitely enjoy this dish if you love a little bit of spice in your food. It is traditionally served as a breakfast in the parts of the Indian State Punjab and also many areas of North India as well. To be precise, both the things Chole and Bhature are two different things. Chole is a dish that is made with a little bit of spice along with chickpeas and Bhature is made with whole wheat flour, which is basically a fluffy, fried bread.


Idli from Kerala and South India

Traditional and the most delicious south Indian breakfast, Idli is a famous dish all over India. These are basically circular cakes, that are made with rice flour and fermented black lentils. The nutrients in this dish are basically preserved, and also you will find a lot of protein in this single dish and also, you will find the particularly the healthiest dish that is Idli. It is served with Sambhar and it enhances the taste of the dish.

Thus, these were the foods that are basically the famous ones in India along with the places they are found in. You will find the tastiest and the healthiest options here in this country. Thus, you must check out these Foods which you will find mesmerizing if you are visiting India for the first time.

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