Less travelled places to visit

Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.” – Paulo Coelho

Are you someone who is excited to know about new places and the history behind them? Do you want to travel somewhere where a majority hasn’t? Many take trips to the famous New York, Paris, London, Sydney or some other well-known places but what about those beautiful places that are not much famous. These alluring destinations should be on everyone’s travel list but instead, these are the places which the travelers miss out. So now instead of planning a trip to either Paris or London, pack your bags to travel the road less taken.


1. Lake Sary-Chelek: Kyrgyzstan

If you love nature and hike a lot then this is the place for you. The lake is surrounded by the Biosphere reserve which is home to thousands of different plants and rare vertebrates. This lake is 1.800m above sea level and has a milder climate as compared to the rest of the area. Trekkers can experience a trek of either 2000m or 3000m+ and enjoy the scenic views.

Arkyt and Kara Suu are two ways to reach Sary Chelek, the former being closest and easily accessible although it still takes a lot to reach the destination. Visit this place in July or August and visit the little museum and learn about the plants there.


2. Salar de Uyuni: Bolivia 

This is the world’s largest salt plain, located in Bolivia, South America. This is the flattest place on earth and changes view every other hour. This place has its own aesthetic element and is a good place for photographers. People take creative photo shots there, such as mirror photo shots. The sun rays falling on the salt plain during sunrise and sunset are a must-watch scene. You can tour the place on your own or even have people do it for you and help you travel around the place and enjoy it.


3. Montenegro

Pack up if you want to get that rush to zipline over Europe’s deepest canyon. This is the place of breath-taking nature contradictions clashing civilizations and beautiful mountains. People who love history, namely the multicultural European, or the one who are a fan of Roman architecture, old stone residencies should visit this small country situated in the west-central Balkans.


4. Andorra

A tiny state of Europe that is situated between France and Spain. The land of Andorra is decorated with mountain valleys which are home to two of the main streams, open pastures, glaciers making it a beautiful sight to watch. This is a place for people who like to ski or hike or even bike across the mountains. Andorra la Vella is a small city with many street shops and dining. This city has a number of churches some standing up from the medieval period. Encamp is a town famous for skiing and snowboarding. Andorra is a small country hidden between France and Spain with such exciting places to visit and warm people to meet.


5. Laos

When thinking of visiting Asian countries, people think of only South Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam. Laos, a pretty country covered with forests, mountains, and waterfalls is always overlooked by everyone. This is a gem that is hidden by its surrounding countries and should be the one on the traveler’s list. Visit this place and enjoy the scenic view of the Kaung Si caves. The waterfall there falls to 50m. go for a swim beneath these falls and experience the best view of the grand falls. Not a fan of swimming, no problem. Get here to tour the coffee plantations and enjoy the aroma of brewed coffee. Enjoy some snacks with a cup of freshly made organic coffee while watching the natural beauty of Laos.

Don’t just sit back and wait to visit the places already packed with visitors. Instead, take a little adventure and explore the places not visited by many. These places are so serene and beautiful, they make you feel close to nature as well as your own self. Who said that vacations are only spent in famous cities? Pack up and spend your vacations in these places and you will find the real essence of break or vacations.

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