Most Amazing Things To Do In Pisa

If you are planning to visit Italy, Pisa is a must-stop destination. Home to the most iconic structure Leaning Tower, Pisa is the wonderful city that renders the perfect Italian image. The city is crammed with the best of Tuscany and etches you with an unforgettable experience. Though Pisa is world-renowned for its iconic sight The Leaning Tower, but there is a lot more to visit in the city. Well, one day is not enough to explore this incredible small town but still, if you’re on a day trip to Pisa we have a guide for you that will make you extract the best of the city. Stay Tuned!

The modern Pisa has a strong past being the powerful maritime city the modern Pisa is filled with a long and fascinating history, buzzing culture, and friendly locals. Pisa is the getaway to Tuscany and is one of the hottest picks by the travelers who plan to visit Tuscany. Great food, classic architecture, iconic sites, perky streets, and lively squares definitely call for a short day hop to the city.

The tiny town can be covered on foot with everything at a connecting distance to each other. Still, the city offers excellent and on-time public conveyance that makes roaming throughout the city an affordable Italian option. Say it to be food or exploring the iconic landmarks of Pisa, the city is quite an affordable Italy sojourn.

So, let’s dive into what things you can do in one day in this breathtaking haven!


Tour To The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This comes to no surprise! We all know this is the heart of the city and wish to explore it once in our lifetime and get ourselves captured with the tower( in which you’ll pretend as if you’re pushing the tower, such a cliché feel guys!), agreed? But, before you hit the landmark here are a few things to need to know that will help you unfold the place in a much better way.

  • The tower was initially built as a freestanding tower 850 years ago.
  • In the medieval times the Leaning tower leaned to 5.5 degrees which was then straightened through extensive work and in the present times it’s reduced to 4.0 degrees.
  • If you want to avoid long waiting lines get yourself reserved by booking the tickets in advance.
  • Visit inside the tower and go at the top to enjoy a splendiferous view over Pisa.


Cathedral Of Santa Maria Assunta

The cathedral renders a strong glimpse of Byzantine glory and is an amazing symbol of Pisan Romanesque architecture. Along with the leaning tower, the cathedral is also a huge draw among the tourists visiting Pisa. You can witness different styles and cultures that depict the strong international influence on the city. The cathedral is also known as the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta.


The Baptistery

The Baptistery was built in 1059 and was opened in 1063, in the honor of Saint John the Baptist. The Baptistery is famous for its implausible acoustics and is another great attraction of the city. It boosts the oriental influence and the huge size marks the dominance in the square. It is known as the largest baptistery in Italy with 54.86m in height and 34.13m in diameter. The Pisa Baptistery is a beautiful blend of Romanesque style and the Gothic style where the lower section highlights the Romanesque style and upper section the Gothic style.


Taste The Italian Cuisine

Your one day trip to Pisa should definitely be scheduled for some Italian cuisine. The food in Pisa just truly holds to the image of Italy as a paradise of irresistible flavors. You can find a plethora of excellent restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can explore the great Pisan gastronomy.


Wander Along the River Arno

After discovering all the monuments Pisa holds, you can conclude your Pisan itinerary strolling along the River Arno for a tranquil and pleasant experience. The river offers a stunning view of the city and you’ll absolutely enjoy.

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