The food you must try in Japan

Japan is such a wonderful country with rich culture, history, vibrant lifestyle, amazing people and of course their delicious cuisine. Japanese food is famous around the world and people try to imitate it the best they can. There are so many restaurants that provide you with Japanese food across the world. Get to try the authentic Japanese cuisine when you are here in Japan and enjoy the real flavors while sitting in the authentic ramen booths and stunning Japanese restaurants that showcase their culture. Japanese cuisine is so much more than just rice and curry and you need to look for some amazing dishes that you can have when you are traveling to Japan.

You can look at the list provided to you to learn more about what food items can you have in japan.

1: Tempura

One of the favorite snacks that you should definitely try when you are here in Japan has to be tempura. This is made with vegetables and seafood and is fried with a batter coating these vegetables and seafood. This is then garnished with some ginger and soy sauce. You can get it made with any vegetable and is usually a one-bite snack. This is then served with a sauce made with several ingredients such as ginger, soy sauce, spices, radish, etc. get some tempura and enjoy your time here.

2: Ramen

This is known to the whole world and people across the world want to try the authentic ramen that you can get in Japan. Now that you are here in japan you can get to have all different kinds of ramen. Noodles in rich broth with vegetables and meat are such a good combination. When you are in Japan you cannot miss this amazing dish. You can have ramen in a wonderful restaurant or can have it in those small booths and enjoy the authenticity of the dish and your surroundings.

3: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a form of pancake that is more towards the savory side. It is usually made with flour, eggs, and any other ingredient you want. The batter is pressed on the griddle to cook. You can get a made okonomiyaki when you order one or you can go to those restaurants where you can see the okonomiyaki being prepared live in front of you and you can tell the chef all the ingredients you would like to have in your okonomiyaki.

4: Sushi

This needs no introduction. Such a pleasant looking dish which is extremely flavourful and vibrant and which is famous worldwide. It is an artwork to prepare sushi and to make it look stunning. This is one of the food that people think of when they are talking or thinking about japan. You should definitely try some sushi when you are in Japan. You just cannot miss it and go on without having it during your visit to Japan. There are so many different types of sushi and sashimi available.

5: Mochi and other sweets

Mochi is a soft and sweet dish that is made with rice. You can have this dish with some sweet filling in it. They make these cute and kawaii designs on the mochi to make it look cute and aesthetically pleasing. You can even have some other sweets and matcha, that is the famous green tea. You can have cute and sweet deserts here in japan. They are available in restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy them while roaming around the streets of Japan and enjoy them as street food. Japan has some delicious and fine deserts.

Plan a trip to this wonderful country and have an amazing time here. You can get to learn so much more about the lifestyle of the locals here. Get here to enjoy nature, the culture, food, nightlife, amazing fashion, and so many more things that make japan so much interesting and famous among travelers. Spend some time here in this country and get to enjoy cute getaways. If you want to have the authentic flavors of the Japanese cuisine then get yourself a local guide or take help from some locals, they will provide you with some amazing recommendations.

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