Tourists’ places in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, the most vivid and vibrant country in Europe. This is known as the crown jewel of Europe and is no doubt one of the most enchanting destinations to spend the vacations. This country is full of architecture, history, culture, beautiful monuments, and fun-loving locals. People know this place for its canals, the famous flower fields, and the high windmills. But it is much more than just some canals and windmills. Look for the list below and get to know the famous places you can visit when you visit the Netherlands. 



This city needs no introduction. This is said to be one of the most beautiful cities all around the world. Amsterdam can be said as a full package for tourists as it got everything a visitor wishes to get from the place they are visiting. This place provides you with alluring landscapes and sceneries, immense history, and the famous nightlife of Amsterdam. You can visit the famous Van Gogh Museum and look at the fine art presented at the museum or visit Anne Frank’s house. Get yourself a canal cruise and cruise through the canals that date back several centuries and catch a glimpse of monumental buildings that are sprawled alongside the canals. Take a tour around the capital city and explore both the historical and contemporary culture.



Once a fishing village, this is the most modern city in the Netherlands. This place gets its name from its unique architecture. People visit this place and cycle around this beautiful modern city. You can still find houses built in old Dutch style and can view the history related to them. These houses are built in the old Delfshaven district which was once the district from where the pilgrims launched their sail. You can easily commute across the district by bicycle and visit several famous spots such as Erasmus Bridge or stop by museums to look at the artworks of some famous artists, ranging from the Middle Ages to the present.



This city features many unique and beautiful artworks and is trying and working its way to restore the antique appearance it once had. Delft is one of the beautiful places in the Netherlands and has its fair share of water canals and museums. Do you know the famous artist, Johannes Vermeer? Delft is the birthplace of this famous artist. Delft is also known for the beautiful delftware crockery. Have a cruise through the canal and visit museums and see the famous artworks of different artists. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get a beautiful view of the city itself then try and climb the bell tower situated in the New Church and get the stunning view of this beautiful unique city.



Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands but Hague is the city where the government resides and executes. This is a city that is a blend of both modern and old touches. Visitors are attracted to this city due to its old touch and get the lively nightlife in return. You can visit Binnenhof or Mauritshuis and can enjoy culture, history, and the beautiful sky at the Celestial Vault.



If you want to get to know how it feels to be in medieval times then this is the city for you. This is near the capital city. Haarlem is full of medieval structures and buildings that will take you back in time. Go around and explore these medieval buildings. This city got great dining and some beautiful beaches. In this city, you can get to know about medieval times with great food and beautiful beaches. Is there something else one can ask for? Go around the city on your bicycle, shop to your heart’s content, and enjoy.

This is such an alluring city to spend your vacations in. Rich in history and culture and beautiful canals and numerous events and activities one can participate in, museums that narrate stories of different artists and of course its great cuisine, all this is more than enough to attract any traveler. This country has a lot to present to its visitors and therefore should be on your list of countries you want to travel to. Due to its size, it’s easy to explore this country, so plan a short trip to this country and enjoy your stay there.

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