Where Can You Travel to When in the United States?

A land with such a diverse culture and people from all over the world, with amazing cities that have high skyscrapers, world-famous artists and so much more, the United States of America is a great place to spend your holidays at. This is a large country compromising of 50 states and thus you cannot go and get to visit all the places in one trip. You need to make an itinerary and choose the cities you want to visit the most during your trip. Each state here has something for you. You can visit different kinds of landscapes and places in the states such as visiting Hawaii for the tropical climate and going to the grand canyon for the desert. There are lakes and mountains and metropolitan cities as well.

When in the United States, where can you go?

1: New York City

You just cannot miss New York City when you are in the states. You have to visit this amazing city which is packed with buildings, skyscrapers, places that are featured in so many films, classic areas and so much more. This place is one of the important cities that you should visit when you are visiting The United States of America. Not only does this city has buildings and places but also has cultural areas such as Chinatown, Koreatown, and other places with people residing here from all over the world.

2: San Francisco

San Francisco

Remember watching the famous olden Gate Bridge in several Hollywood movies. That famous bridge is here in San Francisco. You can visit this bridge and take as many photographs as you want. You can also go and get a ride in cable cars which are a great way to enjoy steep inclines. This is the city where you can get to know about the history and culture and get to see the beautiful Victorian house and also the vibrant Chinatown where you can have some delicious Chinese food. There are a lot of things you can do in this city.

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3: Yellowstone


Let us visit the beautiful national park that was the first in the world and has so many hot springs and thermal regions. Yellowstone National Park is a national park that provides you with a vast number of geothermal areas and geysers. This is a beautiful park with not only these geysers but also amazing wildlife and landscape. You can get to have a wonderful when you are here in Yellowstone National Park. There are fauna and geothermal features along with the amazing landscape in this park.

4: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. People across the world visit this amazing grand canyon. This is more than 400km long and more than a kilometer deep. This canyon is located in a national park and has so much more to view. You can get here and look at the amazing wildlife, and landscape, participate in adventurous activities and so much more. You can go on a hike and experience the desert climate. You can view the waterfall here dan even enjoy swimming there. Rafting and jeep tours are some of the adventurous that you can enjoy here.

5: Orlando


If you are on a family vacation, and you are with your kids, then this is the place you should visit. Orlando has Disney world and the famous Universal Studio. These are the places where every child wants to spend a good amount of time. You can get to so many different amusement parks and get to have a magical time away from the real world. Not only that but you can get to the other areas of the city and enjoy restaurants, bars, clubs, even gardens and parks and also get to enjoy some amazing sports.


These are some of the places you can visit when you are in the states. Jot that down in your travel list and plan your trip accordingly. There are so many other places and activities that you can do when you are in these places or somewhere else in the states. You cannot visit without planning a big vacation. This place is a mesmerizing country where there are so many places to visit and explore that you would be needing a good amount of time to enjoy everything. So, when you are planning a vacation make sure you make a long one that would cover some of the places you want to visit. Have a great time here.

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