Stunning Islands to Add to Your Travel List

Do you like traveling to new places and seeing stunning sceneries and landscapes? Do you like the serene atmosphere you can get when you are on an island? Do you like all the adventurous activities and water sports you can participate in? If yes, then you need to look at this list below and add these stunning islands to your bucket list. These islands are some of the best ones where you can spend some of your time and have a great relaxing, peaceful or adventurous trip. These islands are not only known for being serene and stunning but also for the amazing sports and activities. Some islands provide you with great culture and lifestyle while some provide you with unique water activities.

Beautiful Islands to Check Off Your Travel Wish List

1: Santorini


You have to start your trip with these amazing Greek islands. Santorini is an amazing greek island that is known for its landscape and blue water. This island is well known among travelers. People visit this place to view the stunning whitewashed building with these amazing blue domes which complement the blue waters of the Aegean sea. People look at the sunsets and enjoy the amazing weather and scenery here. You get to stroll around the place and have some amazing greek cuisine in cafes and restaurants and get to enjoy the surrounding area. You can also go on a cruise and have a great time.

2: Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Bora bora island is known for its water bungalows and beautiful waters all around these bungalows. Along with bungalows, this place is also known for its white beaches which add to the overall beauty of this place. These are some of the things people already know about this island. What a lot of them do not know is that not only can you enjoy several water sports here but you can also hike and enjoy the view around. You can also snorkel and scuba dive and view the aquatic life and have a great time here.

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3: Palawan


Palawan, a beautiful province in the Philippines, is a beautiful paradise to spend your vacations at. This is a provider which is full of places to visit and explore. You can go to the beaches and can visit the lakes, enjoy the caves and bays and so many national parks here. You can also go and enjoy some diving time and explore coral reefs here. There are so many activities that you can do here such as exploring waterfalls and swimming in them or enjoying the fireflies shining in nature in the dark.

4: Maldives


This archipelago is a stunner. This is located in the Indian ocean and is a mesmerizing place to be at. You get to enjoy the warm climate throughout the year. This is a great place to enjoy a peaceful and alluring vacation. You can book your villa where you would be staying. This place provides you with certain options such as villas that are over or even under the water. Not only villas but you can also dine in at an underwater restaurant here.

5: Galapagos


Galapagos is a ground of islands that are located in the pacific ocean. These are volcanic islands and what makes these islands great is their ecosystem. There is a diverse range of fauna that you can get to see here on their islands. You can visit the national parks and reserves and get to have a look at the active volcanos and other unique things that are only available here on these islands.


Add the islands mentioned above to your travel list. These are unique places to spend a vacation and have a great time. You can visit these islands to have a small getaway or to have a relaxing vacation. There are so many activities that you can perform here, enjoy your time here, have delicious food and drinks, get to know more about the people here, learn about their culture and so much more. You need to take breaks from your routine and get to enjoy and travel to new places. Do not wait and try to plan a trip to one of the islands mentioned above on the list and have a wonderful time.

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