Lago Di Sorapis The land of Turquoise Tranquility

Across Northern Italy, lies a grandiose place of bequeathed ecstasy like smell all around with turquoise water flowing slowly through the narrow lakes giving utmost serenity. This article is about the famous Lago Di Sorapis Hike which is packed by visitors to see the lake and it’s a 600-700m steep hike. The views are beautiful & despite the fact that hike is difficult, many visitors come to see the place.  We will tell you everything about the hike so read on to find out.

It’s the long 13.5 Km circuit we will talk about here & it takes around 4 hours & 45 minutes to complete the round.
Pass through peaks of Monte Cristallo & Piz Pipena through green foliage with picturesque views of alpine peaks. Follow all the way to Tre Cime for spectacular views. It’s something we just can’t get our eyes off from. The path then leads from a narrow ledge of rocks & making you totally enthralled in surroundings. The turquoise water moved in a peaceful manner beneath us. One can relax here. Reach the end peak and your legs vibrates while the scenery packs you with energy.

How to reach Lago Di Sorapis circuit?
Lago Di Sorapis lies at the eastern section of Italian Alps, Dolomites. Closest town is Cortina d’Ampezzo. (Around 2 hr. from Venice). Bus runs around 4 times a day (030) and also a short drive by car.

Route for Lago Di Sorapis hiking – Take the PATH 215 towards Passo tre Croci. The path is clearly marked and takes around one hour & 45 minutes usually. The walk is easy here though one passes from various narrow ledges down the path, but they all are provided with well struck handrails. There is also one rifugio (shelter) down the route before lake.

One can come back on the same way but it is best to go over the pass (if you have some energy left). Now you can take a left turn from refugio to follow path 216. The path takes around an hour of sluggish walk and an ascend of 400m. The path is steep so take care.

While on top, the Path 216 bends on left side over a shallow basin. Trail is a bit off style but again protective rails are there. Now drop down to basin & finally come off at spectacular 2307m Forcella Marcoira. Follow path 216 down the alley, it’s a mixture of rough ways & shortly it’s a junction from where you need to turn right on Path 213 all the way to Passo Tre Croci, through a forest.

While the practical time for hike is 4.45 hours but try to take some leisure breaks in between to round about to around 6 hours.
Timings for Hike – It depends on you. Walk is not long it’s the views that stops you and you can’t escape from their gaze.

Hike Essential articles – What to take on hike? We have a following list of articles that can be taken along with you to have a comfortable and satisfying journey in the Lago Di Sorapis region.

Proper hiking boots – 

The hike is full of rough patches with high ups & downs. A good quality hiking boots are a must for comfortable journey san fatigue & good grip.

Hiking poles – It’s your own choice to bring them or not but the can help you to balance the strain of your legs to arms. So its optional to bring them.

Sun block & Hat – 

It’s obvious that weather conditions can go up & down so make sure to protect yourself with a decent sunblock sunscreen and possibly a hat. Also have some waterproof clothes & warm ones also.

Lunch –

Until late June, there is practically no Rifugio Vandelli to rejuvenate yourself to pack some lunch with you.
Hydration bag/water filter bottle – A bit obvious but snacks & water can rejuvenate you and give you more energy to keep moving.

Maps –

While the area is well marked beforehand still a physical or offline downloaded map of the area is always useful.

Tripod – Lago Di Sorapis is a beautiful place with stunning views so don’t forget to take some decent light weight tripod with you for some good pictures. Best time to hike Lago Di Sorapis Circuit – May to Late October
There are a few things to consider here one of those is that cable cars & rifugios are available only from mid-June to September end. So the best time is July (early).

Nature is mysterious and we are flabbergasted to experience different things every time we do some nature hiking. So make sure to enjoy maximum and praise the nature in a peaceful manner not in hurriedness.

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