Safest places to visit in Europe post coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the whole world. While some countries are busy containing the virus and preventing it from spreading on a large scale, there are few countries that have shown great recovery and are reeling from the after-effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Europe was one of the worst-affected places by COVID-19 in the initial days, and things were pretty intense here, however, things are slowly starting to fall back to their place, and everybody is getting used to the new normal. Most European countries have eased the restrictions and opened their borders, giving access to the visitors, only after ensuring that all the protocols are being followed. With the opening of borders, flights and hotels have also reopened, which is the first step to boost the tourism sector that pretty much came to stall during the times of coronavirus pandemic.

Not all European countries were largely-affected by Covid-19, a few places managed to contain the spread in its initial stage, thanks to the quick and timely decisions that were taken. Apart from that, a few countries have also implemented specific protocols pertaining to hygiene in accommodation, restaurants, safety measures, and several other things. If you have been yearning for a European holiday, you might find some relief knowing that there are some places on the continent that are relatively safer to visit. Eager to find what those places are? Take a look at the article below and pick the destination you would like to visit post coronavirus.



Austria is one of the world’s least affected countries by COVID-19. The number of coronavirus cases is much lower as compared to other popular countries in Europe. And Austria being Austria, you just can never go wrong with this place. It is truly one of the most stunning places you will ever see. Boasting of rich history and quality life, Austria has always managed to lure thousands and millions of visitors at its doorstep every year. It is most popularly known for its capital Vienna, which is stunningly beautiful and boasts of imperial traditions and spectacular modern architecture.



Portugal is yet again one of the least affected countries in Europe, with a very few active cases of coronavirus. The culture of Portugal is largely affected, or we should say influenced by the presence of the Atlantic Ocean. For instance, grilled sardines and salt cod are Portugal’s national dishes, and the major destinations in the country also include Algarve’s beaches. Portugal is a doorway to golden cliffs framed beaches, traditional architectures, warm waters and not to mention, sumptuous food.



Situated in the southeast region of Europe, Croatia is a tiny yet geographically diverse country, boasting of pristine islands and beaches. Other than idyllic beaches, the nation is also popular for flaunting ample private villas, tourist apartments, cozy hotels, and whatnot. Croatia is suitable for both budget travelers and luxury travelers alike. Rich culture, immense natural beauty, and exhilarating water sports are some of its best highlights. Additionally, Croatia sees a lesser crowd as compared to other European countries, which is a major advantage.



Greece is one of the most visually appealing countries in Europe that sees the influence of ancient culture. Besides being home to several iconic landmarks and attractions, Greece is also widely popular for its beaches, particularly the ones featuring black sands. Santorini is arguable one of the best highlights of Greece, which is incredibly popular for its stunning landscape. The island features whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings, with steep cliffs enveloping the area, and the tangerine sunset in the backdrop. Greece is one of those places that is sure to make you fall in love with itself.

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