Some places to swing by when in Vietnam

A Southeast Asian country that shares its borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia is a travel abode for tourists. This country is known for its lush mountains, alluring landscapes, valleys having the best view, beaches that award visitors with scenic views and delicious delicacy. Vietnam is the destination for people that love nature whether it be mountains and lush forests or tropical beaches, history, and culture that dates back several millenniums or cuisines. Each city can narrate a different story and has a fascinating blend of both history and the modern world. Some of the places you can go to when in Vietnam are:


Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long Bay, home to gorgeous emerald water. Halong bay is famous for its limestone karts and caves. Here you can enjoy all sorts of adventures. You are a fan of water sports, enjoy scuba diving in these beautiful emerald waters, if you are a lover of greenery and forests, then go on for a hike. All these can be done and experienced at CatBa national park. This is place is an altogether tourist destination as it can cater to the needs of every visitor. You can enjoy numerous cruises ranging from traditional junks to luxurious ones. These cruises help one explore the numerous islands scattered all around the bay and the wildlife present there. Enjoy the nightlife and appetizing food provided by these cruises and the excursions to explore lagoons and caves present there. 



The perfect city in Vietnam for a history lover. This city was once under the rule of the Nguyen Dynasty and was the capital of the country during their reign. Because of it being the capital city, this city is full of tombs and royal monuments, and buildings. This romantic city is divided into two parts by the Perfume River. The north narrates the history of this place and the south enjoys the modern lifestyle. Visit the Citadel that is all about palaces, temples, gates, and many more. Enjoy a boat cruise to the emperor’s tomb and also explore the finest Buddhist architecture.  



Sapa, a small remote town that still intact its authenticity and natural beauty. This town is all about hills, markets, and ethnic communities. Visiting Sapa means getting to know about the minor communities. You can enjoy trekking on hills and mountains at a high altitude and get to see the natural beauty of this sweet, simple town. Trek your way through the authentic villages and even to the highest peak of the country, Fansipan. Make a visit to the market where ethnic groups sell different handicrafts. Interact with these groups and learn about their culture and history.



This city was once a vacation spot for different Vietnamese emperors and the colonials. Pine trees, vivid, beautiful flowers, and valleys that add to the beauty of this city is the reason for Dalat to become a getaway destination for everyone. Take a stroll around the city and explore the French architecture and buildings and the beautiful landscapes that adorn the city. This is a great place for those who are looking for a break from the heat. Visit the famous “Crazy House” and experience the craziness of that place. 


Visit the National Park: Phong Nha Ke Bang

If you are traveling all across Vietnam then this is one of the must-visit places in the country. The Park is one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Vietnam. This national park is a break from the fast city life. You can enjoy riding a bicycle through jungles and enjoy and explore the rivers and caves. Do you remember the cave that has its own jungle, rivers, and even its own climate? The famous Son Doong Cave is located here and is a place one must visit. Just make sure you go there with a licensed tour guide due to its location near the border.

Take a break from your fast busy city lives and plan a trip to this southeast Asian country which is filled with immense culture, history, beautiful architecture, landscapes, and nature to explore. Now is the best time to visit Vietnam and explore the places given above. Make a trip for more than a week to experience the best of Vietnam and its people.

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