The First-Timers Guide To Barcelona

Barcelona is the heart of Europe. The place captivates the mind and soul of whosoever visits. Barcelona is an easy to crack destination even for first-timers. You can explore the city even on foot, but overall the city offers a convenient and cheap mode to hang around. The vicinities of the place are so connected, that will not make you feel lost. You will be completely smitten by its inspiring history, unique architecture, beautiful rooftop views, intriguing neighborhood, friendly and energetic people, superb monuments, and national museums. The city has something for everyone.


Though Barcelona is packed with breathtaking views and spellbound monuments, but what makes it the top-most European attraction is its lip-smacking food. Barcelonans are passionate about two things football and food. The gastronomy is a perfect blend of Catalan cuisine and fresh sea ingredients that show the way to some of the most lip-smacking creations. And the best part is you can relish the food delights without breaking your bank.

In Barcelona, you can encounter Europe’s great food scenes and views, and you can’t experience them all. So, here is a complete guide for first-timers who are on budget and time. We have grabbed the quintessence of Barcelona that will make you experience Barcelona at its best.


Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Casa Mila is one of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona. The stone quarry is a masterwork of Antoni Gaudi. The place is the cultural and social hub of Barcelona hosting regular exhibitions and other social activities. The place is open for tourists day and night. The beauty of the place lies in its stone exterior and that’s why the place is also called La Pedrera. The UNESCO World Heritage site was the last home to Gaudi.


Sagrada Familia

Your Barcelona’s itinerary is incomplete without this famous tourist site. Usually, you will find the major monuments in Barcelona are a masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, who is often regarded as the father of Barcelona architecture and Sagrada Familia was his last work. It’s still under construction but major parts are open for public. It’s a Roman Catholic Basilica that exhibits the religious theme from both the exterior and interior. You can see impeccably built monuments, statues, and pillars. The Sagrada Familia is one of the best creations of Gaudi. The place offers a breathtaking sight and a clear testimony of the Roman culture.


La Rambla de Barcelona or Las Ramblas

The world- famous street of Barcelona is brimming with a distinct crowd every season. The street offers a very buzzing and lively vibe to the visitor. Being first-timer in Barcelona is compulsory for you to stroll in Las Ramblas. A place which has a perfect ethnic blend and you can experience hoards of tourist from around the world. The street offers mesmerizing performances, which you will surely relish. The place is a perfect nocturnal, where you can experience an energetic night-life in Barcelona. The scintillated street offers vista that is beyond our imagination.


The Magic Fountain

It’s the perfect way to spend your night in Barcelona; of course, you are visiting the place to explore even at night. The fountain was fabricated in 1929 and till then is a perfect night destination. Thousands of tourists visit the fountain that is a delight to watch for all ages. The fountain exhibits a night show with lights and water dancing on the beats of music. The Magic Fountain is well-known for producing more than 7 billion combinations of light and water. The lighting of the fountain is based on LED technology that offers the maximum colored lights for the show. The show lasts for an hour and this is the perfect way to spend your nights in Barcelona.

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