The Ultimate Guide To Ibiza: The World’s White Isle

Ibiza is referred to as the white isle and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The place is surrounded by crystal blue water as far as your eye can see. It’s a perfect spot for a party seeker among all the party attractions in the world Ibiza is the preferred and the finest with a huge party scene on every night! And that’s why it is known as the party capital of the world. The island offers a nonstop supply of cafes, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Besides the sizzling nightlife that brought isle to fame, the place is packed with beautiful tranquil beaches, picturesque landmarks, and adventurous water sports, appetizing culinary and secluded coves that are Ibiza’s hidden gems. Ibiza is full of life and satiates every world’s travelers. If you are looking for a perfect chillaxed party place or you are looking for a relaxing escape from usual life Ibiza deserves to be pinned as your next travel spot.

Ibiza is jam-packed with popular attractions with hordes of tourists every year but towns of San Antonia and Santa Eulalia are the popular Ibiza attractions drawing the major tourists. Undoubtedly, Ibiza throws a prefect nocturnal and panoramic views to the visitors but here is a complete guide of what should be at the top of your list so that you don’t miss exploring the quintessential Ibiza.


Explore the Old Town Dalt Villa

Dalt Villa is the essence of your Ibiza itinerary. The narrow streets of the town make you feel as if you have stepped back in time with an experience of living history. The old town is a perfect place to unwind and stroll through. The hidden courtyards, spectacular architecture, amazing cafes, and bars exclusively make traversing Dalt Villa an indelible ride. And how can we forget the magnificent rooftop view of the isle spelled by town. No Ibiza vacation is complete without visiting the old town of Dalt Villa.


Café de Mar

This world-famous café not only savors the delectable Ibiza seafood and drinks but has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. If you really want to soak the delight of sunset, Café del Mar in the famous town of San Antonia is your perfect evening to dusk spot. Besides the cute ambiance and spectacular view, the café is wrapped up with sizzling gastronomy, cocktails, prices, and services. This popular spot deserves to be your must go.


Ses Salines

These days no travel is complete without the perfect instagram feed and Ses Salines is a perfect spot for some really splendiferous shots. The weather is breathtaking with clouds reflection falling on the water the place renders you the perfect vistas that captivate your soul. The place displays the stunning symmetry of nature that is for sure not a miss when you are traveling Ibiza.


Playa D’en Bossa Beach

Your itinerary to Ibiza is not a hit without basking in the sun at the pristine Playa D’en Bossa beach. Among all the beaches of Ibiza, this one is the most popular and spectacular. The beach brims with cool bars and cafes and perfect beach-side lodging. The beach is a perfect spot for party seekers with the two superclubs of the isle Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza. For adventure lovers, the spot offers numerous water sports from snorkeling, scuba diving to kayaking.


Ibiza Cathedral

The Ibiza Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria la Mayor and is a fascinating attraction with a buff of Ibiza history. The cathedral is located at the top of the old city and casts a perfect scenic outlook over the water. The cathedral was built in the 14th century in the Gothic Style with inclusions of Baroque features. The church holds many works of art that date back to 1399. The Gothic painting, the Gothic style ancient bells and gold and silver artifacts make excavation to the Ibiza Cathedral a must.

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