What Not To Do In Europe: Common Rookie Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Europe is packed with opulence beauty everywhere you turn your eyes. Being the dream-destination of the world’s traveler, Europe is not less than a fairyland. From the Alpine villages, medieval towns, living history, fishing villages, snowy mountain peaks, and some of the world’s most iconic places and countries, Europe is surely a big ground to place your feet. For the Avant grade travelers, Europe is a perfect destination as this slice of the world offers a wide and varied landscape to explore! And that’s not all besides all these fascinating spots, the endless European cuisine is another tempting reason to pin Europe in your travel bucket list.

Undoubtedly Europe is an expensive spot, with those mesmerizing vistas and delectable cuisine come a hefty price tag! So, planning to traverse around Europe is only possible when you have big bucks or say enough savings to do that. And when you get the chance to execute we don’t want you to make mistakes majorly every hapless tourist commit. You must have read hundreds of blogs that tell you what to do in Europe but here we’ve compiled a few travel tips so that you can head for a truly indelible experience and figure out what not to do in Europe.


Overlook the Travel Seasons

Europe is an all-season travel spot, where every season is full of surprises and captivating. But for the ones who think summer as an ideal season to traverse Europe are mistaken. European summers are spellbinding but it’s not the season alone to travel. We can tell you some amazing reasons to skip traveling to Europe in the summer. Summer is the most peak travel season in Europe and hence you can experience everything more than the fraction you can, in other seasons. The accommodation is expensive; the flights are unreasonably priced, crowded places, and highly-priced transportation. Traveling in summer would only make you spend more and a nice tan. If you’re considering traveling Europe make sure you plan your itinerary during shoulder season somewhere before or after summer. And in that way, you can execute a much better trip.


Skipping Local Transportation

Most of Europe is fully equipped with an efficient, functional, and fast public transportation that interlinks the major cities and towns. So, trekking the European vicinities is an easy job. If you want to hit major spots there is no need to splash on rental cars as these are two times more expensive than the public transportation for the same miles to be covered. Moreover, you can explore Europe as a local by opting for public transportation wherever possible. And by that, you can save some big bucks.



Among all the mistakes the most common mistakes that major doping travelers do is to exchange money at the airport, thinking Euro is all you need, and not carrying cash. When you tend to exchange money at the airport the rates would always be inferior. What you can do to really impact the entire cost of your travel is to exchange the currency when you reach a city or town. If you think Euro is all you need as a medium you’re sadly mistaken among the 50 countries of the continent only 28 use Euro so think before where you need to hit and plan accordingly. And it would be really nice if you carry some cash with you as most of the places don’t accept cards.


Not Carrying Water Bottle

As travel is all about roaming around, hitting different places you can’t dare to underestimate carrying water bottle along with you. Europe is brimming with taps all around, even in the most off-beat spots you can surely navigate water taps that mostly provide safe drinking water and by carrying a water bottle you can always fill it up saving your shells to be spent on purchasing water.


Booking Expensive Accommodations

Hotels can be quite a fascinating portion of your overall travel planning but reaching for highly expensive accommodation is really stupid thought. After all, hotels are not somewhere you are going to live. You will spend least hours over there maybe for some power nap or changing clothes and that’s all. So, going for expensive lounging is an improvident splurge.

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